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Randy is a recurring character in Squidbillies.


Randy was originally a deviant pedophile that debut in Tween Steam. However clones and copies of Randy that were attracted along with all of the pedophiles to Rusty being a child star for Dan Halen's sting operation/reality television program. However his there wasn't that much to his character at the time and served as a background character.

Randy plays a supporting role in the episode "Green and Sober". As he starts to become a individual character starting with this episode and revealing his name for the first time. He shows up in The Jiggle Hut, and sees Lil Cuyler passed out in the bar, and say's to her "hey, you're on the road to ruin with all this drinking and drugging that you're doing" telling her to make a change "before it's too late on the other hand." However, he is shown having sex in a car with Lil in the next scene and mentioned "I'm in no position to judge but you're doin' a fabulous job right now".

He is later seen in rehab with Lil, Sheriff, and the Reverend. Randy say's that he haven't shot one clandestine photo up a skirt in over nine days. He is given a applause but the Reverend said he had a camera on his shoe. Randy then said "but it's not on, and that's half the battle", a light applause is then heard.

Later after Lil's explanation. Randy say's "there you go", Lil say's to him "do just we just do it?", Randy then said "you can't conquer this alone and I'll help you stand proud on your own two feet wider, wider, get'em out a little wider so you can be more prouder". Reverend then mentioned that if his camera was on. His camera took a picture of his breasts, Randy then mentioned that technology "just makes it too easy". Lil then said "I appreciate y'all tryin' to support me, really, I do".

Despite being a pedophile in his debut episode. Randy is shown to be attracted to women. For example aside from Lil in this episode. He was attracted to Krystal in "Trampled By Turtles", making Early very mad until a point Randy feeds his chicken. After Early sings to Krystal and fells in love with him. Randy comes with beer but Early shoots him with his own shotgun. However Early was then arrested by the Sheriff.

He is seen protesting at the Motel in "There's Sucker Porn Every Minute" for Early creating illegal pornography in Dougal County.



  • Ironically in the later seasons, when the show started using and creating unnamed human background characters to serve this purpose. Randy is one of few pedophiles still remaining in the show, others like his duplicate copies of him simply stopped appearing.
    • Ironically he is the only pedophile who's name has been revealed in the show.