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Rebel with a Claus is the fourteenth and final episode from the second season of Squidbillies. It first aired on December 24, 2006 on [Adult Swim].


On Christmas night Early captures and ransoms Santa Claus.



  • This is the first Christmas special in the series.
  • This is the second that Early doesn’t wear a trucker hat, with the first one being "The Tiniest Princess", which coincidently, is a episode that takes place on an another famous holiday, "Halloween." Though Early wears a winter hat, similar to his Frankenstein's monster hat from that episode.
    • Also coincidently, the moon from that same episode appears, and both episodes take place at night.
  • This is the second episode in the series where there is no Intro, with the first being the pilot episode "This Show is Called Squidbillies".
  • Krystal was given a basketball hoop at the beginning of the episode, instead of Billy Morton, the latter was also originally going to appear in the episode, but scrapped.
    • Billy Morton does appear in a deleted scene for this episode on the Squidbillies volume one DVD.
  • Santa Claus has his own GPS on his sled, that says "recalculating."
    • The GPS also displays a red square as a house, and milk and cookies for Santa.
  • The table of plastic cookies and a glass of milk is from the episode "Butt Trouble", an earlier episode from the second season, but the latter episode had a cake on the table, instead of Santa's milk and cookies.
  • Some of the toys found in some bags are a drum, with a drumsticks, a ball, a horse, two robots (one is small, while the second one appears at lot larger) and a wind-up dinosaur toy.
  • The plastic gorilla on the Sheriff's Office, wearing a Santa hat, and beard, which is holding knives resembles the plastic gorilla on the "E-stab-listment" building from "Take This Job & Love It."
  • Ned Hastings appears as a weather man and licensed Meteorologist on television, in the episode.
  • A unhappy sun, a freezing snowflake and a thunderstorm with a mouth can be seen on the weather channel during the Santa tracker, representing the current weather in the United States.
  • Early has a razor and Rusty fish scaler, the latter object was used to ripped off Santa's beard.
  • The wooden heart given by Scooter has a fruity jellybeans, and number 24 on it.
  • When Early, Rusty (also wearing a Santa hat and red boots) and a tied up Santa are seen, if you look closely in the background, the legs, feet and backend of a elf named "Scooter", who was a elf killed by a wooden heart, that he given to Early, but killed him with, is seen in the background.
  • The elves have their own binoculars, pad, mike, a walkie talkie (with a candy cane on it), a "Corey" sign and radio.
  • Santa mentions "remember that evil Knievel snake river canyon jump set", Rusty wanted as a toy.
  • According to Rusty, he once got the chicken pox, which he calls it "chicky pox."
    • Santa claimed he probably got it from a tortoise, but he mentioned that it wasn't so bad, and he once drained the puss out.
  • Early's knife, his scooter and the silver baseball bat from "Bubba Trubba" reappear in this episode.
    • Early also has his own walkie talkie.
  • Santa Claus has a candy cane knife, and Rusty was told take out fishhooks from Santa's scrotum.
  • Sheriff has his own card, which is white with his badge on it, and his alternate name.
  • Lil only appears once in the episode, as she is watching television, and stoned on crack cocaine.
  • One of Granny's dogs is a Doberman, and an another one resembles a bull terrier, but with black spots. Even though the dog is shown to be very aggressive.
  • One of the elves from "Gordon camp" never got any dental.
  • Sheriff seems to not notice the dead to smoked reindeer meat hang up on the Cuyler house, which eats, until later when he eats Rudolph's head while driving his police car.
  • This episode doesn't have the usual credits sequence played at the end.
  • This is the final episode of the show to be hand-drawn and presented in the 4:3 screen format. This changes in the third season, starting with the episode "Webnecks."

References & Allusions[]

  • This episode has a many references to the holiday of Christmas such as elves, the North Pole, Christmas themed music and Santa Claus himself.
    • Before being killed and eaten by the Cuyler family, one of Santa's reindeer is the famous Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.
    • Santa's love for milk and cookies.
    • Candy canes as food and decorations appear.
    • Sheriff is shown putting up Christmas decorations such as lights and a wreath.
    • Mistletoe is mentioned by the Sheriff, when he is part of a conversation with a prisoner named "Ripper."
    • One of the elves mentions "the partridge is in the pair tree", a reference to a line in the Christmas song "12 Days of Christmas."
    • The pad that one of the elves is holding has a Christmas tree on it.
    • A figgy pudding dish is mentioned, as two elves mentioned "bring us the figgy pudding."
    • The "birth of Baby Jesus" is depicted as a reenactment with the Silent Knights, obviously a nod to how Jesus Christ was born on December 25.
      • The Silent Knights are technically singing "O Holy Night', a really well-known Christmas carol from 1847, which reflects on the birth of Jesus as humanity's redemption.
    • In fact, the Silent Knights are a reference to "Silent Night", a Christmas song.
  • The words "Its a Trap" is yelled out by Early, Rusty, Granny and Santa Claus in the episode, which is a nod to Star Wars. This most notably happens when Santa is caught in a trap by Early, after he realizes the plate of cookies are plastic, and Granny whistling her dogs to attack the Silent Knights.
  • Early calls Santa a "ultimate yankee."
    • Early coincidently calls Sheriff "Johnny Law", when he drives to the Cuyler house.
  • A "Mr. Tater Head" (Rusty pronounced it as 'Tato Head) is a reference to the popular toy line "Mr. Potato Head."
  • A real-life person named "Jeff Gordon", which turns out was Cock Johnson, instead from a present.
    • The elves with the present are obviously from "Gordon camp."
  • Early reenacts a scene from Saw 2, where he ties up Santa, before he ran over by Sheriff's police car.