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The Reverend (also known as "Priest" or "Preacher") is a former Recurring Character in Squidbillies, he is a tear drop shaped resident of Dougal County, he is the head of the local church and owner of the Mattress Christ store. He is often seen at the church preaching or protesting anything he might find immoral. Although the reverend acts as if he is happy most of the time, he is often seen as having inner torment due to the Cuyler family, and sees them as a test to his faith. He was voiced by the late Scott Hilley.

Character History[]

The Reverend is seen as a passive figure from the beginning, often backing down whenever he is threatened. the Reverend is usually seen preaching or protesting, as he says he is doing the work of God. Although the reverend is seen as having the most faith of all the characters, he is often attracting misfortune, as he is often dying do to the products of Dan Halen and being beat by the Cuyler family and to the extent of almost being raped by Granny. In "Armageddon It On!", His preaching also seems to get him nowhere as he was the only resident in Dougal County who was not taken to heaven(with the exception of Dan Halen) when the rapture occurred. He may not be living up to his religion. Despite all of the bad luck the reverends has, he still continues to try to teach the word of God and has protested several events in Squidbillies such as the selling of alcoholic beverages on Sundays and the annual Mud day celebration.

The site where the reverend delivers mass

Personality and Traits[]

The preacher is known for having a soft heart, and at times, has given the residents advice. He often preaches with an assertive voice,however the reverend acts passive when actually confronting everyone and will often avoid conversations. The reverend worries easily and is frightened easily, but does not stay away from social events as he is often seen at them usually complaining about activities he might find immoral or blasphemous.


The Reverend keeps the church in good condition, as well as having a grail and other objects that might be found in churches. The Reverend will wave his arms around while preaching to keep the mass listening, and will act as he is speaking to God, but does try to keep the visitors in line when they do something that might disrupt the mass. If noted, in a room in the church in "God's Bro", A banner in the room says "Southern Baptist Church".

Notable quotes[]

  • "what no relish? Blasphemy!"
  • (On Dan Halen's Particle Accelerator) "Uhh.... I don't understand it... SO IT'S AN ABOMINATION!!"
  • (To the Sheriff's Gay Inner Demons) "In the name of Jesus, I command you to leave this man and return to the fiery depths of San Francisco!"



  • Although the Dougal County church is large, very few people attend it, the only known residents that attend the church are the Cuylers andthe Mexicans, this is changed in later episodes.
  • The Reverend's voice actor Scott Hilley died, which resulted in his character being retired, this explains why he doesn't appear in some of the new & recent seasons, the episode "Greener Pastor", was dedicated to him & his voice actor, he was replaced by Kyle Nubbins, a new reverend of the church.
  • In "Take This Job & Love It", he was seen owning Mattress Christ however this was the only appearance of the said store, in later episodes the Mattress store is not again & the Church he owned is seen throughout the show.