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Rich Dan, Poor Dan is the fifth episode from the twelfth season of Squidbillies. It first aired on August 25th, 2019 on [adult swim]

Synopsis []

Dan Halen becomes bankrupt and adapts to the Cuyler family's poor lifestyle shortly after. 


After Dan's business failure, his assets were repurchased by the bank and through Early he tried to do business again. Dan then rents all of Early's land to place solar panels.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Booty Hunter"


Theme Song Performer[]


  • "Ass Club" by Shawn Coleman.


  • Unlike most episodes, this episode's Early truck intro is extremely different due to the use of live-action, as the intro has over five live-action signers preforming the theme song, it is less animated, the original intro is still present on a television monitor. The instruments seen in the intro are a bass, a guitar, a fiddle, drums, and a piano, one of the singers, who is wearing a white hat, is shown getting top of the piano while singing.
    • This intro's theme song cover and performer was Jason D. Williams.
    • The people seen in the intro are Jimmy Davis, Alice Hasen, Rodney Polk, and Brian Sturh. Jimmy played the bass, Alice played the fiddle, Rodney played the drums, and Brian played the guitar in this intro.
    • The live-action intro's crew were Bill Burton, Andy Allmendinger, Patrick Durkin, Jacob Geyer, and Ted Goble.
    • A Rusty toy also can be seen on the piano.
    • Also in the intro Early and an animated version of one of the singers from the Intro, taking off his white hat, are seen using a piano, not the truck, Rusty tries to play the piano but the man tells him to not touch the trim, in reference to the show's original intro.
  • This episode reveals that the office in Dan Halen Sheet Rock International has an elevator, the building itself was the largest building in "Appalachia", and Dan Halen had over hundreds of employees working for him. Dan Halen also mentions that he owned the town, and everyone within it, but he claims that it all was a mirage, claiming it was a "facade propped up by shady junk bonds", even though that he cut corners to make it work. Also, Every year Dan Halen Sheetrock International had to make their Sheetrocks thinner and thinner to make the knot, until the "paper-thin walls" came crashing.
  • The man that gives Glenn and Early mail, which the former thought that this was payday, is named "Brody", and his design resembles Thin Bank Employee's design from the modern seasons, and the one of the Pedophiles that originally appeared in "Tween Steam."
  • The card given to Glenn has a picture of a cartoon Sun wearing sunglasses, with letters on it saying "Have a great Weekend!", "See you Monday."
  • When Glenn, Shawn Coleman, African, and two others of Dan Halen's employee's complain to Dan about having no paying, Early is not seen anywhere, but he is seen in the elevator.
  • The reason why no-one working for Dan Halen got no pay, including Sheriff, with all of them being impatience, is because that Dan Halen Sheet Rock International is experiencing a new kink in the new payroll system, Later on, the episode reveals that the kink in the payroll system is that their ain't no money in it, as Dan Halen hasn't been paying, with a eviction notice to his own house, due to not paying his rent. Despite claiming about the kink, Dan Halen claimed that their was no actual kink in this system, because his business has cratered.
  • When Glenn asked to Dan Halen about the third payroll period in a row, Sheriff beats him with his baton. Sheriff also claims that it is a informational meeting, not a Q&A.
  • The card that Dan Halen gives to Sharif has letters on it saying "I'm so glad we're friends!" on it, along with two cats on it, with one of them licking the other cat.
  • Sheriff reveals that he isn't on the payroll, he is on the take, claiming it is "dirty money" that Dan gave him.
  • Dan Halen calls Sharif a "Boston cream doughnut of a man", as he pokes him and his body then wiggles for a few seconds, while Dan Halen tells him what he'll do what Dan says, when and where he says, and get payed where he chooses to pay him. All this happened after he claims that he will be his "Muscle." Since Dan Halen isn't his liquid. Ironically, Deputy Denny beats him with a baton, to the elevator, instead.
  • Deputy Denny also mentions the kink in the payroll, as he gets it unlike some people.
  • Despite having a elevator, Denny's voice is still heard in the doors, while Sheriff is in an another room with Glenn, asking him if he heard anything else about everyone's checks, before the latter is beaten up by the former with the same baton, with Sharif mentioning about the kink in the payroll system.
  • Granny mentioned that Early usually ghosts her and Rusty on the weekends, when he is hitting the stove with a shovel, who then asks himself how he is going to spend his weekend drinking without getting paid, and was going to tell some folks at the local liquor store, claiming that they depend on him, and he has mouths to quench, which is his mouth. He also breaks the stove with the shovel, also breaking the latter as well, then moves it so he can take it to the pawn shop, which he guesses, to sell it for a drink.
  • Denny calls Sheriff a "detective", after saying to him "nice work." After Denny enters the office, while wearing a flak police jacket, making him a Swat Officer, on.
  • Denny records Sheriff's message; "You're in for a world of hurt" via his phone. He then claims that "internaaffairs" might be interested into to hear the message, since Denny runs that. Denny claimed that he was appointed because Sharif was "too lazy" to do it. Denny also records an another of Sheriff's messages, which is now; "doing my illegal side hustle for Mr. Halen", on his phone, since Sharif had a enough on his plate. Sheriff mentioned that he had a phone with the same message recorded on it, which he calls a "tape recorder." After hearing this, he claims that it is his word against his.
  • The card that Deputy Denny got was a Valentine's Day card, the words "Be my Valentine" are visible on the said card.
  • This episode has many nods to the episode "Gimmicky Magazine Show Spoof Parody About Dan Halen", along with other episodes in the series related to Dan Halen when the Mexicans start taking out all of Dan Halen's possessions away out of his own building and take them to the bank.
    • His Griffin is seen again, the griffin is used throughout the episode, for example; Dan Halen flew away with the griffin, but crashed and broke into the window of his home, and is digging through the dumpster at the Jiggle Hut, breaking one of the trash bags of garage.
    • Dan's dead man statue lamp is also seen, which was once a man.
    • Several pictures of Dan Halen's history can be seen, such as Egyptian one, Dan riding a unicorn, the Berlin picture and among others.
    • Melissa is mentioned at one point, when telling a stripper to send a invoice to her, as he pays Net 30, then Net 60 to the stripper.
    • Dan's skull piano from "Young, Dumb and Full of Gums", is seen being carried.
    • Dan Halen's special outfit and jukebox from "Thou Shale Not Drill", reappears.
    • Dan Halen's butt outfit from "Beware the Butt-cutter" reappears.
    • Dan's rhino head and the White Tiger, encased in glass from "Taint Misbehavin'" both reappear.
  • Darla, a stripper from the episodes "A Jailhouse Divided", "Stop, Jammer Time" and "The Squid Stays in the Picture", which are all coincidentally episodes from the show's eighth season, reappears at The Jiggle Hut in this episode. Darla and another stripper, along with Ellis, also stretch Early's tentacles.
  • This is the first time since the episode "Green & Sober" where Ellis is working at The Jiggle Hut again, he is seen taking away Dan Halen, and the aforementioned tentacle stretching of Early.
    • In "The Legend of Kid Squid", a flashback on a monitor in "Thou Shale Not Drill", Ellis was only seen in his bar once, he also reappeared in "Dewey Two-ey" as a non-speaking cameo.
  • Dan Halen passes out after becoming drunk after drinking a bottle of liquor, due to Early claiming that the liquor would help him feel better, and plays a magic trick on his own mind-brain. Due to becoming drunk, Early pulled him, and told him that they can beat the "sh*t" out of somebody, Early and Rusty also to had carry him into their house to the night, while he was passed out, and he also threw up.
  • Early calls Dan's griffin a "chicken-dog."
  • Granny seems to interested into eating the meat of Dan's Griffin, as she is holding two different utensils while looking at it.
  • For breakfast, Rusty and Granny eat the leftover paint from the stove on the wall, which Rusty claims that he loves to peel off long strips. Early is also seen eating this.
    • Granny: "Wakey, wakey, paint's a-flaky!"
  • When eating the leftover paint, the bib that Granny has on, has a picture of a pig on it.
  • When Dan asks Early about getting a ride into town, Early gives him and his griffin a mud ride instead.
  • When Early gives a mud ride to the aforementioned Dan and his griffin, the mud from the muddy covers the Cuyler House in mud.
  • The Gas Station's exterior and bathroom we're given a redesign in this episode, this is also the first episode since "A Jailhouse Divided" where the building appears. Early claims that he has a mark, saying "push butt", on the blow dryer. Early scrapes a few of the word's letters with poo with a knife, then saying "Pu butt" on it, Early was meaning that feces, referred as a poo, comes out of the butthole, claiming that he "just pushed" it. Dan Halen then says that he would remembered in history books, Early then asks about the "cool sh*t" he has ever done, Dan then tells him that he doesn't have to scratch his own letters into a hand warmer with a buck knife.
  • Dan Halen revealed that his own letter logo is embossed in a 20-foot high solid, before his letters of his logo are removed off Dan Halen Sheet Rock International by two Mexicans.
  • In the latter half of this episode, their is a running gag where Early is spinning in Dan Halen's chair, which he calls a "spinny business chair", when asking Halen.
  • This episode has over three instances of the word "sh*t" being uncensored, Early first mentioned the swear word after Dan Halen become drunk and pulled him as he wanted to beat the "sh*t" out of someone. Secondly, he says "cool sh*t", and third, when one of the tires broke off Early's chair, when spinning away in it, he yells "Aw, sh*t", which is heard uncensored for the second time, the next scene shows Rusty swinging Early on the same chair with new tires, which he claimed to be "off-road."
  • As of this episode, Dan Halen is back to "square one" with no possessions, though, after renting the land for solar panels, for the land, sun, the and the wind, for leasing, as a third-party broker, his griffin is later cooked and eaten via chicken leg by Granny, as she was hungry for Griffin earlier, for a barter situation for her, Early and Rusty are beaten up by Sheriff and Deputy Denny, who are serving as his goons, which the former mentioned that he was called "muscle" by Dan.
  • When Early yells "Get this tree-hugging bullsh*t off my land" at Dan, because of the solar panels, the word "bullsh*t" is censored with a dog bark sound effect.
  • The episode ends with a helicopter pulling away a letter, resembling an "E" for Early, that was originally a piece that Early broke off Dan Halen's logo with an object earlier.
  • This is the third and final appearance of Dan Halen in the twelve season of the show.
    • Currently, as of 2021, this episode marks the latest episode appearance of Dan Halen, though, he would most likely would appear in Season 13.

References & Allusions[]

  • The tune of Denny's valentine card is set to the beginning of "Mr. Sandman" by "The Chrodettes".
  • When two Mexicans were pulling away Dan Halen's griffin, Dan Halen claimed that he purchased the griffin from former NBA all-star; Allen Iverson.