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Roger Alan Wade is a minor character in Squidbillies.


Roger Alan Wade is an animated version of the real Roger Alan Wade, who is a Singer-songwriter in real life. This version of Roger Alan Wade also owns a Bible-themed amusement park and has a audition stage, which is labeled as "Jesus City", where people can audition to sing for the amusement park to sell churros. On his desk, he has a notepad and a coffee.

Early Cuyler sings his song "Stanky Panky", where Roger thought that the song wasn't the right tone and not a good fit for the amusement park, who thinks Elzebub will enjoy it instead, and described the song as "filthy", while Early exits the building, which Roger told him while he complained, and then Tammi sings "Amazing Grace" on stage, where wanted to audition to sing into the microphone, instead of a guitar, as she does this in church and with radio, despite Rusty beatboxing to sing with her, where the latter is successfully hired to sell churros to any customer at the amusement park.

Roger then tells Tammi to get the churros under the warming lamp of the kart, when the lights of the amusement park come up to turn the heat on, so she can stack them up, which Roger described them as "corn-wood." When Tammi asks if she can sing while selling the churros, Roger then told her that the churros can do the "heavy liftin'" as they sell themselves. Tammi then told Roger that she was auditioning to sing, but Roger told her that she sing into one of the churros instead, like a little microphone, as long as any customers don't see her doing this.

Early and Rusty then sing to tell about Tammi by using the churros, which Roger told Tammi to make the two pay for the churros, since they touched them. Roger then grabs one of the churros and eats it while walking away offscreen in the amusement park. Early then told Tammi not to listen to him, who he calls a "son of a bitch."