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Rooster (or "Chicken" called by other characters) is an animal species present in Squidbillies. As one individual species of the male chicken appears in some episodes.


Roosters are adult male chickens (as other characters refer them as "Chickens" like Early, for example). Also referred to as the term "cock". Roosters have a habit of pecking on the ground. One particular individual rooster seen a few times in the show with the bird is shown flying and attacking other living beings.


In the show, Roosters are depicted as round shaped birds, with a orange beak. It is colored yellow, has red appendage, and red feathers on it's head, green tail feathers, and two brown feet. Aside from the regular individual, several different roosters colored white, orange, and brown, appeared in the episode "Drone to the Bone".

Episode Appearances[]

The individual rooster debuts in "School Days, Fool Days". The rooster was involved in a cockfight hosted by Dan Halen and was in a soccer ring. While Boyd, Snakeman, Ting Tong, Yellow Creature, a Mexican and later Early are seen watching the fight. Once Rusty (wearing an orange party hat and has mistaken the cockfight for soccer) enters the field, the rooster ends up attacking him with a knife and flies. But the cockfight is later interrupted by Sheriff and everybody in the audience leaves (including Dan Halen). As Sheriff tells the rooster to "finish" Rusty in the cockfight on two occasions, but the bird ends up flying away.

In "Beast Implants". An individual rooster is pecking a pole, until a hungry Fox encounters the rooster. The rooster attacks the creature by flying, evening pecking it's face, pulling out of it's eye and brain. It continues to fly in the air, but are crushed to death by a dead dairy cow. It's unknown if the rooster's skin is used for Granny's body.

A another individual Rooster can be seen in cage in the episode "Anabolic-holic", along with a chipmunk and other creatures in other cages.

A another individual one appears in "Lean Green Touchdown Makifying Machine".

An individual Rooster appeared as a animal sidekick to Early in his "Scrambler" truck in "Trucked Up!".

An individual Rooster makes it's latest appearance in the show in Limbitless".



  • An individual rooster pecking at the ground appeared along with Early, and Granny, in an Adult Swim "New Years Eve" 2005-2006 countdown commercial.
  • In "S1E3", Early called the bird "eight legged Chicken" once, despite the bird only having two legs.