Russell "Rusty" Cuyler is Early Cuyler's son on the show, Squidbillies.

Basic InformationEdit

The son of Early and Krystal, Rusty is a dimwitted, abused, backwoods boy. He seeks his fathers approval in nearly everything he dg
Granny Hotfoot

Rusty early and

es, going out of his way to emulate him and try to impress him. Rusty exhibits facial similarities to the stereotypical redneck male: bad teeth, acne, and a mullet.
Rusty has shown the ability to read, which is uncommon in the Cuyler family.

Rusty is the father to Tammi's child in "Rusty and Tammi Sitting in a Tree, B-A-S-T-A-R-D" named Macho Man Randy Cuyler.


When Rusty was born, Early was sent to prison for 15 years. Krystal quickly abandoned him on aunt Lil's doorstep and she raised him for the next 15 yeamade by Lil, the state stepped in and placed Rusty with Granny. Rusty, however, runs away and spends the next 11 years raised poorly by wolves. Though most of this was a dream, he sometimes misses the wolves. While running away, he finds his father Early in a chain gang. Sheriff, feeling pity for the two, releases Early to raise his son.

Rusty is often a voice of reason in the show, but will also act as unintelligent as Early in either an attempt to impress his father, or out of sheer stupidity.

Rusty is easily influenced by others around him. However, he often fails in his attempts to mimic Early's overtly prejudiced and myopic view of the world.

Rusty shows deep respect for his father even though he is frequently beaten by him.

He lost his virginity to his Uncle Durwood's wife Fiona in "Not Without My Cash Cow".

Full nameEdit

Rusty's full name is ''Russell Bandit Reynolds Jesse James Kenny the gambler Rogers #3 the intimidator Dale Earnhardt Kenny the gambler Rogers America's Number 1 Cuyler'.