Santa Claus

Santa Claus is the jolly, fat man was riding the reindeers. He was kidnapped by Early, who was torturing him. At first, Early asks him for the still beating heart of Jeff Gordon. When Santa refuses, Early cuts off his beard and some of the skin from his chin with a rusty fish scaler. The Elven command sent in an ambassador with a wooden heart with wheels and jelly beans. Then Santa calls for help, and Rusty kills the Embassador. Upon hearing of the loss, The Elven Commander sends commandos after Santa. When they arrive, they are dressed as the Jesus babies. As they sing, Early and Rusty become more unaware that they were under attack. When the Commandos engage, Granny 's dogs suddenly kill the "Silent Knight" Commandos. Finally,in one last struggle to bail out Santa, Two Elves bring a race car driver in a box, and then they finally quit. After that, Early threw Santa into the road where the Sheriff  killed him with his car.