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Season One, of Squidbillies it consists of 6, is half of an average season due to the problems the creators were facing when they were making the show. This season introduced the series to Adult Swim and the world. This Season is available on DVD.


In 2003, Mike Lazzo was inventing the name of an animated series in reference to the character Squiddly Diddly of Hanna-Barbera. In July of the same year, Matt Maiellaro and Pete Smith began developing the first screenplay of the pilot episode based on the new animated series entitled Squidbillies however was canceled and over 35 scripts were rewritten by Matt Maiellaro, Dave Willis, Pete Smith, Jim Fortier, Matt Harrigan and Mike Lazzo over the course of a year. Subsequently, Mike Lazzo accepted a script by Dave Willis and Jim Fortier and decided to base the plot and its characters with the stories of the two creators, both of whom grew up in Conyers, Georgia. The original budget for the series' first pilot episode was around $ 1100.

On July 24, 2004, after most of the audience thought they were working on a joke about the alleged new series, Adult Swim decided to show clips taken directly from the first episode during San Diego Comic-Con and DragonCon 2004. During that event it was also announced that the series was from the creators of Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Aqua Teen Hunger Force, who had 96 episodes in development, that the pilot episode would air on November 7, 2004 and that the broadcast the first season itself would take place in January 2005.

On November 4, 2004, three days before the pilot episode was announced, an animated special called Anime Talk Show was aired, where the future protagonist of Squidbillies, Early Cuyler, appears for the first time, together with the protagonist of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Meatwad, and a character of Sealab 2021, Sharko, all three respondents from superhero Space Ghost of Space Ghost Coast to Coast. The special was later included among the special features of the first Squidbillies DVD volume.

According to Vice President Keith Crofford, the development of the first season started after some time due to lack of ideas and they thought about a pilot episode for December 2004. Afterwards the pilot episode of Squidbillies was widely promoted for aired November 7, 2004, however Adult Swim aired the pilot episode of the animated series Perfect Hair Forever without warning simply because of the incompleteness of the aforementioned episode. On 1 April 2005, an incomplete version of the pilot episode was broadcast on the occasion of April Fool's Day. As announced at the end of the broadcast, the episode was completed within five weeks and was officially broadcast on October 16, 2005, after being published on the official website two days earlier, as part of a six-episode first season. The delay of nearly a year was in part the result of serious doubts about the pilot episode by the writers of Squidbillies, who had subjected him to multiple rewrites between the series commission and his actual scheduled debut. Originally, the names of the protagonists Early and Rusty were to be Arvee and Donny respectively. 


  1. This Show is Called Squidbillies
  2. Take This Job and Love It
  3. School Days, Fool Days
  4. Chalky Trouble
  5. Family Trouble
  6. Office Politics Trouble


  • There were two versions of the first episode made, the rough-cut pilot and the final version.
  • This season is extremely different compared to later Seasons due to being a early installment of the series for example when the show was being introduced for the first time, Glenn only appeared in the finale, Glenn's Wife was first seen married to a background character, not Glenn this time & in the finale she was called Donna by Early (While in Later episodes she is just called Glenn's Wife), Episode 5 had two Doctors (Dr. Jerry & Dr. Bug) working at the Clinic & it wasn't just Dr. Cock (Now he is the only doctor seen in Later episodes), Reverend's Church wasn't seen instead he was working a Mattress Store instead & The pilot showed the true backstory of the series, this is forgotten in Later Seasons.
  • A scrapped episode called "Hot Dog Fever", was written & produced for the Season, it was meant to be some type of pilot episode however it ended up being scrapped, this scrapped episode & it's footage can be seen on the Squidbillies Volume One DVD, on the Five Scripts From The Apocalypse feature, Yellow Creature was going to have some type of role in this episode, even at one point he was going to be killed off & ascends to Heaven becomes a God with the help of the Perfect Hair Forever Character, Rod The Anime God, also Rod was to appear in one of the discarded pilot episodes of Squidbillies, in fact it was developed in 2004, before he appeared in Perfect Hair Forever in 2005, a scrapped blue creature & a King & Queen were planned to appear but were scrapped in the Final Project, the rest of the Scripts From The Apocalypse were just Scripts.