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Season Ten is the tenth season of Squidbillies, this Season contains Nine episodes, the Season first aired on September 6th, 2015.


  1. "Lipstick On A Squid"
  2. "Southern Pride and Prejudice"
  3. "Trackwood Race-ist"
  4. "The Peep"
  5. "Vicki"
  6. "Cephalo-ectomy"
  7. "Greener Pastor"
  8. "Squash B'Gosh"
  9. "Thanks-Taking"


  • This is the first Season of Squidbillies where Lil Cuyler doesn't make a appearance in any episode.
  • Dan Halen's only appearance in Season 10 is in the episode "Southern Pride and Prejudice", making this the lowest season where he appears in the lowest amount of episodes with their only being one.
  • Glenn's Wife only appears in two episodes in this and Steve doesn't make any appearance in this season.
  • Due to the death of his voice actor, Scott Hilley, This is first season where Reverend doesn't have a role in, instead he doesn't speak & he only makes a cameo in "Greener Pastor" which is his final appearance in the series.
  • This season marks the most appearances of both Tammi & Macho Man Randy Cuyler in a single season with the both of them appearing in over five episodes, oddly they both appeared only once during the season's first five episodes but later on they both appeared in the final four episodes of the season.
  • Tammi's original voice actor "Elizabeth Cook" couldn't performed the voice of Tammi in this season, her voice is replaced by "Faye Otto" instead.
  • Ironically the last two episodes of this season are holiday themed episodes, with "Squash B'Gosh" taking place on Halloween, and the latter taking place on both Thanksgiving and Black Friday.