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Season Twelve is the twelfth season of Squidbillies and contains over nine episodes.


  1. "Forever Autumn"
  2. "Galvin"
  3. "Muscadine Wine"
  4. "The Reenactment of the Repulsion of the Siege of Cuyler Mountain"
  5. "Rich Dan, Poor Dan"
  6. "Cooler-Heads Prevail"
  7. "Blue Lives Battered"
  8. "There's Sucker Porn Every Minute"
  9. "Events by Russell"


  • Squidbillies is the first ever Adult Swim show to earn a official twelve season.
  • The twenty-two minute-special "Muscadine Wine", is the only episode of the season to not air alongside a different episode on the same night. Due to this episode being over twenty-two minutes long.
  • This is the first season of the show where two different episodes air on Sunday nights, The second being Season 13.
  • This is the first season to not feature Boyd because his voice actor Pete Smith retired, while Boyd was then killed off in "Dove In An Iron Cage."
  • Krystal is seen in a bikini in most of her appearances in this season. The only episode that she is in normal clothes is the episode "There's Sucker Porn Every Minute."
  • This is the final season where Unknown Hinson voices Early Cuyler.
  • This was the third season to contain over nine episodes, with the other seasons being Season 8 and Season 10.