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Season Two is the second season of Squidbillies, it contains 14 episodes, which shadows it's predecessor which only had 6 episodes.


  1. "Government Brain Voodoo Trouble"
  2. "Butt Trouble"
  3. "Double Truckin' the Tricky Two"
  4. "Swayze Crazy"
  5. "Giant Foam Dickhat Trouble"
  6. "Meth O.D. to My Madness"
  7. "The Tiniest Princess"
  8. "Asses to Ashes, Sluts to Dust"
  9. "Bubba Trubba"
  10. "Burned and Reburned, Again"
  11. "Terminus Trouble"
  12. "Survival of the Dumbest"
  13. "A Sober Sunday"
  14. "Rebel with a Claus"


  • Season 2 was the only other season included on the Volume 1 DVD.
  • This is the final season to be presented in the 4x3 screen format. This would later change in Season 3, switching over to widescreen.
  • "Meth O.D. to My Madness" and "The Tiniest Princess" we're the first episodes to be produced in different orders according to the volume one DVD production order.