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Season Six is the sixth season of Squidbillies. It contains a total of ten episodes that aired over the span of two months in 2011. 


  1. "Asbestos I Can"
  2. "Class of '86"
  3. "Velvet Messiah"
  4. "The Big E"
  5. "Keeping It in the Family Way"
  6. "Snow Daddy"
  7. "Ballmart"
  8. "The Pharaoh's Wad"
  9. "Return Of Gaga Pee Pap"
  10. "Trucked Up!"


  • Similarly to seasons 4 and 5, 10 episodes were included in this season. 
  • The episode "Snow Daddy" was the first episode Season 6 episode produced according to the Volume 5 DVD Production order. 
  • This is the final season to have the CN skull in the credits.
  • This is the final season to have a normal production order.