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Season Nine is the ninth season of Squidbillies, containing ten episodes overall.


  1. "Hetero-Cephalo Agenda"
  2. "Limbitless"
  3. "Taint Misbehavin'"
  4. "Ink Is Thicker Than Blood, Which Is Thicker Than Water"
  5. "Bunker Down, You Hairy Dawg!"
  6. "A Walk to Dignity"
  7. "Granny Hotfoot"
  8. "Sheriff-in-law"
  9. "Hybrid to Hell"
  10. "Jose, Can You? Si!"


  • This is the final season in which Reverend is a recurring character and has speaking lines, due to his voice actor passing away. However, he makes a brief cameo in "Greener Pastor".
  • Lil Cuyler makes only 3 appearances in this season, also this is the first season where she doesn't speak in any episode, she is only seen laying on the ground.
  • This is also the first season where it has not yet released on DVD.