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Shannon Cuyler, also known as Uncle Shannon, was an Appalachian Mud squid, and a minor character on Squidbillies.


He is briefly mentioned and appears at the beginning of the episode "Webnecks". He was deep-fried by Early while hiding with the rest of the Cuyler clan in a their septic tank (which is a cave underneath the outhouse, which is used as a makeshift Y2K fallout shelter) and later eaten by Early and the rest of the Cuyler family. Like Durwood, his last name and the exact nature of his relation to the Cuylers, have not been explained in the show yet. However, Rusty refers to him as an uncle, suggesting that he is the uncle of Rusty, and older brother of Early.

Shannon is only seen in his already fried and partially consumed state, after Early resorted to cannibalism due to hunger. His color is unknown.



  • When Early described the scene in which Shannon appeared Sheriff said that the scene never happened, therefore Shannon's existence is unknown. Though later in the episode, Early does deep-fry one of the Sheriff's feet.