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Sharif is the eighth episode from the third season of Squidbillies. It first aired on March 9, 2008, on [Adult Swim]​.


Having an attractive and youthful odor comes at a heavy price.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Ice Wind, Ignite & Excite"



  • This episode reveals that Sheriff's real name is actually "Sharif."
    • Coincidentally, this is the name of the episode.
    • Sharif was also the old pronunciation for his real name.
  • This episode marks Deputy Denny's first major role, and first appearance since "A Sober Sunday".
    • In Denny's previous appearance, he was unnamed Sheriff clone from the Sheriff Cloning Farm.
    • In fact, this is the first appearance of the cloning farm and the Sheriff clones since the aforementioned "A Sober Sunday" episode.
    • Coincidentally, Early references this episode later on, asking Sheriff if "unimportantburg" sells party liquor on Sundays, which Sheriff claims that he bets, if that had stores.
  • Dan Halen's blimp and military helicopter from the episode "The Good One" makes an appearance here.
    • Reverend thought it was a zeppelin that descended from the heavens.
  • Dan Halen's blue mist is named "Ice Wind" and is a body spray that disintegrates the skin of any person who applies it.
    • Some people such as Sheriff called it a "cloud."
    • According to Dan Halen, his male body spray must be tested.
    • The blimps that fire the ice wind have the words "Excite & Ignite! Tonight!" on them.
    • All the people the were victims to the said deadly blue mist are Billy Morton, Boyd, Reverend, Sheriff, The Mexicans, Donna and her ex-husband, Glenn, Snakeman, Krystal, Dr. Bug, Dr. Cock and Granny.
    • When Billy Morton got turned into a skeleton, he says it "kinda stings."
    • When Boyd got turned into a skeleton, he claims that he reckon and be calling in sick today.
    • When Dan Halen strays the body stray into the town using his blimps, a bunch of people are heard screaming.
    • One person is heard screaming "help me! help" when Dan Halen is doing this.
    • Sheriff almost arrested the ice wind with handcuffs, but failed, and half of himself was turned into a skeleton.
  • Dan Halen can groom his hair with a brush.
  • This is the first episode where Sheriff's house is shown to the audience.
    • The house has a mailbox which says the numbers "3030" on it.
    • Sheriff reveals that he deputy's everywhere from a stoop to.
  • The silver baseball bat from the episodes "Bubba Trubba" and "Rebel with a Claus" appears in this episode when he whacks the bottom of the Sheriff's mailbox and knocks the top down which Sharif doesn't care about as the mailbox is out of his own "jurisdiction", including his own porch.
    • Early also inks on the said destroyed mailbox.
    • Rusty replaces the destroyed mailbox with a court-mandated punishment mailbox that has the same "3030" numbers on it.
  • Being replaced by Denny as Sheriff, Sheriff reports to a fire ant who is carrying his badge now.
    • He claims to the fire ant that it doesn't make any sense to outlaw magnifying glasses and told him that he isn't going to wiretap a piece of watermelon.
      • He throws his cigarette on the ground when telling the chattering fire ant that its unconstitutional to fruits everywhere. It also disappears when Sheriff squashes the said ant with his sheriff pistol when yelling about his badge staying on his sheriff uniform, he claims its "embroidered" on it.
  • According to Sheriff, Dan Halen calls his new city "unimportantburg", he controls nothing and Rusty claims that the town "sucks."
  • When Deputy Denny became the town's new sheriff, he arrested a fish and his police car.
    • Deputy Denny claims he arrested them for "suspicion, collusion."
    • Deputy Denny is using a knife to cut off (or whittled) his hand and make it bleed, with that blood seen on the knife.
    • He does this because he to get a piece of corn out of his own teeth, that has been bugging him for two weeks.
    • Deputy Denny calls the fish a "wide-mouth bass", which suggests that the species of this fish is a bass.
  • Dr. Bug make his final appearance in the series, as he isn't seen again until the series finale “This Show Was Called Squidbillies”
    • Also, this is Dr. Bug's only appearance in Season 3.
  • Sheriff exercised offscreen and now has a six-pack and healthy body with two tattoos on both of his arms.
    • Sheriff also claims that he got a little muscle mass, getting "toned" and he carries a car with his body.
    • Granny is attracted to him and claims "lookin' good, Hollywood" and mentions that she likes "those blond highlights" and new tattoo.
    • His tattoos are Tribal band and barbwire, which he claims "yeah, the designs have finally reached Georgia."
    • Sheriff mentions he extensively covered his body in his blog called "Sheriff's Riffz", with a "z."
    • He mentions that he complain about things, pretend that he was a critic, and describe his dreams and stuff.
    • He mentions that he posted art on there, and asks the Cuylers about how he likes his training for Strongman competitions, which didn't knew until he blogged.
    • He also recently blogged an entry about how blogging doesn't bring any money or anything, and how typing each letter each letter brings him closer to starvation. While Early asks him how the family survives without no food, ambition, or money."
  • When Sheriff manages to drag the Cuyler house via rope attached to his mouth with his teeth to the town of Dougal County, you can see fossils of dead animals from underneath the house appear.
  • Early and Rusty lick and slurp a bug shield of dead bugs such as bees and flies on the front of their truck during hard times.
  • Sheriff asks if they get checks from the state such as money checks, which inquires Early by mentioning "givin' out money checks?, cash American, fundage and such?", and then Granny claims "oh, thanks a lot asshole."
  • Early and Rusty stare into the sun all day long, while fits of rage come and go, as the sun is in the sky all day.
    • Early claims that he would drive a nail into his arm, making sure he still feels emotions, and sometimes drive one into Rusty's arm, which he later does do.
  • Dan Halen recommends "free cloud" to the Cuylers and Sheriff, which is the ice wind which Early sniffs and Granny heads before dying from it.
    • Its unknown how Early knows about the name of the body spray, which Granny claimed it was free.
  • This is one of the few episodes where Granny has a skeleton despite being a squid, Dr. Bug even has bones when his skin is ripped off.
  • When Sheriff claims that he retired, he accidently calls himself "retarded."
  • Sheriff wears red headband then Rusty uses ducktape to put tape of him while he wears a hillbilly hazmat suit so none of the ice wind's "noxious" gas gets into his nose and mouth, which he tapes and Early puts a plastic bag on his head. He technically uses to attack the cloud of the blue mist which switches directions.
    • Sheriff claims that he thought of the hillbilly hazmat suit at the academy.
    • Sheriff then scratches a note in the dirt with a small stick speaking out "O2" when stuffocating to death from the plastic bag on his head.
  • Rusty is told by Early to not say "ass" on his property.
    • Rusty also mentions "OU812?" from earlier to the stuffocating Sheriff yelling at Early and Rusty to get his head out of the plastic bag, Early and Rusty inquire it as numbers.


  • Later in the episode, the town is completely fine with nobody unharmed. Glenn and his Wife are also seen alive, but its unknown how they were revived, due to both being presumably killed by the effects of Dan Halen's Ice Wind.

References & Allusions:[]

  • When Dan Halen tells Sheriff when he is testing his body stray that people could be hurt, and asks that to Sharif and then mentions after a Super Bowl Ad airs.
  • Early mentions a multidimensional M.C. Escher print that he bought in College when he inquires Sharif about all of the missing food in his fridge, since he is out of food and Early previously called a "conundrum."
    • This line suggests that Early when to college.
  • At the end of the episode, Rusty mentions "Van Halen" to Sheriff by calling him a fan of him and claimed that he kicks ass after he scratches the "O2" in the dirt which inquires Early and Rusty when Sheriff is stuffocating.