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Shawn Coleman is a recurring character in Squidbillies.


Shawn Coleman is a animated version based off the real-world "Shawn Coleman", a person working for Adult Swim. He has a brown beard, wears glasses, wears white shoes, wears a white shirt, and blue jeans. He made his first appearance in the episode "Swayze Crazy". He was chatting with Early, until he drives away from him.

Shawn Coleman mostly makes non-speaking background appearances, and cameos throughout the series. As he is a recurring resident in Dougal County, along other people such as Glenn, Glenn's Wife/Donna, Donna's Ex Husband, Snakeman, Billy Morton, Steve, African, Circle Shaped Man, Thin Bank Employee, Zombie Citizen, Dr. Cock, and the Mexicans.

In the episode "Krystal, Light". He is shown to work as a vendor selling deep-fried roosters.



  • Shawn Coleman is the first character in the series, to be based off an animated version of a real person from the real-world.