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The Sheriff (originally voiced by Charles Napier, now by Bobby Ellerbee) is one of the main characters of the show.

Character Edit

Sheriff is the long (or short) arm of law in Dougal County, Georgia. It is unsure of where the Sheriff came from originally, but he is now a product of Dan Halen's Sheriff cloning project. Clones of the Sheriff are grown in a local field. The cloned sheriff subplot served as a way to switch voice actors for the part. The original Sheriff was bludgeoned to death by his clone in Episode 9 (where Bobby Ellerbee took over as the voice of Sheriff), which would imply that the Sheriff played by Napier was not a clone, but the genetic source for Dan Halen's clones. Sheriff clones often meet a grisly end and it is common to see a new Sheriff from the cloning farm kill the current Sheriff to take his place, Deputy Denny is also one of his current & only clones of him left.

Interacting with other charactersEdit

He is very close friends with the Cuylers even though Early keeps breaking the law. Due to the 'endangered' status of the Georgia Appalachian Mud Squid, he is very protective of the Cuylers. Though easily distracted, the Sheriff is generally warm hearted and kind, unlike most of the characters. He has an enmeshed relationship with his mother, and in several episodes he demonstrates that he bakes gingerbread cookies in different shapes. It is possible that the Sheriff's name is Randy; In one episode, at the end of said episode about the issue of hogs getting into crystal methaphetamine he says "I'm Early Cuyler and that concludes my court ordered community service, Don't it? Come on Randy, Let me the F*** out".

He has always had a thing for Lil Cuyler, On one occasion he asked her out on a date to the high school reunion.

He is antagonized by his boss Dan Halen, beginning when the Sheriff was tormented by Halen in high school.

Other Info Edit

Voice ActorsEdit

For the first 7 episodes Charles Napier voiced him, and for every episode after that he was voiced by Bobby Ellerbee.


The Sheriff wears a uniform which consists of a blue shirt with a badge applique on it, blue pants and black shoes. His handgun holster is always worn, although in some episodes, he can be seen wearing only novelty "Concealed Weapon" boxer shorts.

Trivia Edit

  • Sheriff has a mother who appears in an iron lung later down in the series. Although in the second season episode 1 "Government Brain Voodoo Trouble" you can hear his mother speaking back to him with a megaphone. Later down the series you see her in an iron lung but in season 9 episode 8 "Sheriff-in-law" you actually get to see her head in the iron lung. Towards the end you see her face and body. Sometimes on the Sheriff's desk you can see a photo of his mother although it's not very detailed but the frame does say "Mom".
  • Sheriff's father also appears in the season 9 episode 6 "A Walk to Dignity" where it is revealed that he tried his hardest to get a young Early Cuyler into school because of segregation of humans and critters (only to have Early quit as soon as he entered the building).
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