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Sheriff's Father was the former Sheriff of Dougal County, he is the father of the current Sheriff.


Sheriff's father apparently had a dream to become a NASCAR racer that was put to rest once he was told there would be no cheerleaders, so he moved to Dougal County to become a lawman. He was progressive back in the seventies, and fought against school segregation for a young Early Cuyler. Once the chairmen rejected his wishes, after one of the chairmen's death from lung cancer, Sheriff's father forged his signature for Early to attend public school, only for him to quit ten minutes after entering. A statue of him and Early making history was built in front of the school in his honor, but it was quickly defamed thanks to Early over glorifying himself.


Sheriff's father was a patient, understanding free thinker, who cared about his son and those around him, though sometimes passive aggressive/condescending in the sense.

He is also much more successful a law enforcement official than his son and seemed to have a cordial relationship with Early’s father, Pee Pap Cuyler, similar to the strange friendship their sons would develop as adults.

He wanted his son to become an officer like him, and was opposed to his dream of becoming comedian. Sheriff's father knows the residents of Dougal County, including his own son, aren't the pinnacle of intelligence, though he still tried to reason with them often resulting in failure. Even in the afterlife he gives Sheriff brutally honest advice and warnings, though this criticism appears to come from a place of genuine concern for his son.