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Shooter Jennings is a minor character in Squidbillies.


Shooter Jennings is an animated version of the real Shooter Jennings, who is a real-life American singer, songwriter, guitarist, and record producer.

In the episode "Muscadine Wine", Jennings appears on a cruise ship, which Early and Tammi were previously on, down a rock-climbing wall that Early and Steve Earle climbed up. Jegging asks why the two are on the rock-climbing wall, which is on the cruise ship, claiming it "ain't outlaw" when Steve Earle prevents Early jumping off the wall to commit suicide with a rope tied to him, Early then asks him why he knows about being an outlaw, since he has previously been arrested for armed robbery for 37 times at Boyd's Convenience Store, and then claims that he never learns, as he hangs himself and starts choking, though Steve Earle pulls him back up.

After Steve Earle, Nikki Lane, and Lucinda Williams all tell Early what's like about being an outlaw, Jennings describes the word as "marrying and divorcing seven different women", "smoking crack", "weapon possession", and "failure to appear in court", claiming that all of them are "pretty outlaw" too and right to Steve. Steve Earle then asks that he is supposed to be hosting the "coozie swap" on deck 16, which Jennings claims that "coozie swaps" can be outlaw too, and then Steve Earle tells him "Yeah!, Whatever helps you sleep at night!" with Jennings replying to his sentence as "Whatever helps your face sleep at night".