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Southern Pride and Prejudice is the second episode from the tenth season of Squidbillies. It first aired September 13, 2015 on [adult swim]

Synopsis []

Early unwittingly wraps himself in the symbol of his own oppression.


Early gets stuck in a symbol of his own oppression. Dan Halen bans the sale and display of the Confederate flag, angering the Cuyler family. Early joins EBISSE, the Esteemed Brotherhood of the Institute of Southern Self Esteem. Rusty discovers that squids were slaves in the old days in the South and tells Early. His father resists the truth at first, but eventually removes his Confederate flag tattoo on his face, telling the tattoo artist that it's racist.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Booty Hunter"



  • This is the only episode of Season 10 to feature Dan Halen.
  • The Confederate Flag is used throughout this episode, as the episode's theme.
    • Ironically, the show has many references to the said flag and the Confederacy itself.
  • The "North Georgia Regional Drawf Toss" event is shown in footage from six years ago by Dan Halen, September and November were added to Oktoberfest, called "SeptembOktobNovemberfest", the picture shows a ghost, Indian, pilgrim and Turkey celebrating.
    • The KKK is also featured, also Dan Halen is revealed to believe in the white supremacy.
  • It's revealed that the Confederate mercantile, such as Confederate Flag themed toys, books, food, and clothes, in Ballmart will be boxed up, according to Krystal, Dan Halen and the chamber of commerce won't allow it, as Early had imitation crab meat, which is dyed in the colors of the Confederacy, that he couldn't buy, the "Whites only Christmas" hot rocking Santa-in-the-bubble globe, and Confederate welcome mat and welcome ball, which can't be seen in the store "no-more." Early was previously looking for Confederate flag themed boogieboards, which they had last week, prior to being banned. Rusty also assumed the staff of Ballmart has some in the back. Granny mentioned that they have trouble keeping them on the shelves.
    • Granny: "Who doesn't love the Confederate Flag, and all that it stands for?".
  • A bobblehead of General Robert E. Lee is seen on a store shelve, along with a small drawing of him on a Confederate Flag themed welcome mat and welcome ball that can be sold at the store. When Rusty said that the mat and ball are from a certain religion, Granny mentioned that she didn't care what religion it was.
    • Both objects have the words "Welcome Hell!" on them.
  • The nametag of one of the Mexicans, who is one of the employees at Ballmart. is named "Cerdo." Its visible when he and an another employee are taking away the aforementioned "Whites only Christmas" hot rocking Santa-in-the-bubble globe.
  • It is mentioned that the Cuyler's got the freedom of expression, first by Rusty, then Early, as they can express anything they want that comes into they're squishy little heads. Granny mentioned that she likes waterplay in the bedroom but is ashamed to ask for it. Rusty told her not to express everything out loud. This then embarrasses Granny in front of other people.
  • Due to the banning of the Confederate Flag, Early is never shopping in Ballmart for food, clothes, and any "non-flag" related items. Early then tells Rusty and Granny, due to them not being wanted. to take themselves to aisle three for some marshmallows and diet soda for dinner.
  • The onesie for babies that Boyd (which along with a few other items is from a box saying "Dixie Misc" which is from Korea) shows Early which he later wears, has the words "Li'l Rebel" on it, the "Li'l" part sounds like the character Lil Cuyler who doesn't appear in Season 10.
  • The flag's use of defense "EBISSE" stand for "The Esteemed Brotherhood of the Institute of Southern Self-Esteem". It also had a flag with "Jesus Christ" praying next to a confederate flag on it, which said "Join EBISSE".
  • When the crash car or gondola crashes down on the ground after the giant confederate flag the EBISSE was carrying was caught on a tree Early referred as the "9/11 of the damn confederacy!" as Early mistakes it as a "Terrorist attack."
  • When Rusty is listening to the tapes in the Library, the footage seen on the television is scene entirely in live-action, species of Octopus can be seen in the footage, Bocephaleus is also seen with a squid, the squid was describe as a "eight legged beast", a squid woman with tentacles is shown, more squids are seen with Bocephaleus, it was called by Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederate states of America. Later on, in a another tape. It's then revealed that when the horses were killed, they would try and put squids into battle, but they couldn't fight and tasted terrible, they were fired outside of a cannon, a drawing of squids, various men and some horses are shown, lastly, a picture General Robert E. Lee is shown with two giant squids is seen.
  • Glenn is shown wearing a shirt of the KKK picture from earlier.
  • A drawing of Unknown Hinson, who originally voiced Early, has a drawing of him on the Abraham Ink'n Tattoo Shop.
  • Early had to go to the Tattoo shop to let the Tattoo Artist give him a blackface.
  • This episode doesn't show any normal credits at the end, instead a explosion that happened in the forest of Dougal County. Early and Rusty presumably die from the explosion.
  • In September 2020, this episode and the episode "Blue Lives Battered" were both excluded from HBO Max and Adultswim.com in the wake of the BLM movement, and Early's tattoo depiction of blackface. One month after Unknown Hinson, Early's voice actor, was fired by Adult Swim for his racist comments towards the said movement, alongside country singer Dolly Parton.
    • Despite this episode being banned, a episode clip from Adult Swim's YouTube channel is still available on YouTube, and the episode is still available on Amazon Prime.

References & Allusions[]

  • "Gurgle" is a parody of the popular search engine Google.