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Steve is a recurring character in Squidbillies. Steve is a triangle shaped man with a triangular shaped body wearing small black glasses, orange shirt, with a blue tie, and has on overalls. Steve first appears in the episode "Office Politics Trouble". He presumably works at Dan Halen Sheetrock International, however shown working as a waiter in a salad bar on one occasion.

Like many people in Dougal County, he is often seen as a background character in many episodes, seen in a audience and attends events going on in the town such as a wedding for Lerm Edwards and Lil Cuyler in the episode "Lerm", and one of the many citizens complaining about fluoride being put into all of the town's water supply in the episode "Young, Dumb and Full of Gums".

Notable Appearances[]

"Office Politics Trouble"[]

Steve first appears in a elevator with other people, Early Cuyler mentions the man's named is "Steve". Early replies to him about some pot, he's been growing it on his property, if it doesn't help with his wife "bitching" and that mess. Steve then replies to Early, "not here, man". This line suggests Steve has a wife and would probably complain about pot.

Early then shows Steve, Donna, a zombie citizen, a African-American citizen, and a thin citizen about his pine cone Liquor and also his fired possum pecker soon Early eats and drink both and the burst. Steve mentions he has to get off the elevator at three o' clock. The elevator opens, and all of the citizens (except Early) exit the elevator.

"The Fine Ol’ Solution"[]

Steve meets up with Early again in the episode, where Early throws a frisbee onto Steve's car, and he comes to him. While Steve is in his car, with Early telling to hire to him for any jobs, as Steve explains that he needs someone to paint the inside of his own chimney, for over four dollars and for his cheeseburger.

Early explains if the job has several factors such as "singing sounds", "paternity", "accidental death and dismemberment", "daycare for a kid", "company stock option plan", and he asks if he won't be fully vested in the company stock option plan, but Steve only replies the word "no" on repeat.

Early asks for "casual Friday's?", but Steve mentioned it was on "Saturday" which is the same day. As Early was hoping he wanted to take some time off the job, Steve asks Early to get into the car, and enters the vehicle because he would get paid with four dollars by painting the chimney's inside.

Then Early is thrown it on the side of the road while the truck was driving off after finding out that the cheeseburger, that Steve given him had "Pepperjack cheese" on it, and not his standard "American cheese."

"America: Why I Love Her"[]

He is shown to work as a waiter in a salad bar in the said episode. He is shown writing a bill to Early, Rusty, and Granny trashing up the bar's food such as "lettuce", "broccoli", "Jell-O", "banana pudding", "tomatoes", "Mac 'n Cheese" and other foods served there in the song "Nature's Bounty" with some food splattered around the floors, the walls and including himself. Granny asked him that there was hair in some pudding and she pulls one of Early's trucker hats out of it.