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Stop, Jammer Time is the sixth episode of the eighth season of Squidbillies, it first aired on September 22, 2013 on [Adult Swim].


A new judge sets out to punish lawbreakers.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Less Pod-Castin' More Rod Castin'!!!"


Guest Stars[]

Theme song performer[]


  • This episode focuses on the New Judge, Judge Jammer, as a replacement for Doug Peppers, also the regular Judge doesn't appear in this episode.
  • The old woman in Dougal County Courthouse somewhat resembles Mammy Cuyler.
  • Early is shown having sex with a stripper named Darla soon they have sex in the car even outside of Dougal City, a few tourists from "Granite Caverns" along with other people are shown to take pictures of them having sex in the car.
  • There is a person with a cellphone that has a "Rif Raf" shirt on them, Rif Raf was referenced previously in "From Russia with Stud".
  • The gravestone say's "My Questionable Lifesytle", Early throws his party liquor, cans of beer & the Meth Lab in the grave.
  • Early is shown having a skeleton under the X-ray, actually real-life squids don't have bones & skeletons.
  • Sheriff mentioned he was to changed his profile pic to a kitty dressed as a Jedi.
  • Apparently Rusty can shove Early's ass with pizza & breadsticks.
  • According to the signs people had on for crimes they have committed, Darla had one on saying "Harlot, with low self-esteem who degrades herself with money", Sheriff's is Sorry Excuse for a law man, Granny had one Early weared, it was on for a sexual degenerate, a old woman has one saying she is a smell old lady, Glenn & Glenn's Wife had on for sodomize & Sodomizee, Reverend had one on for Wife beater, Billy Morton had it for a Arm Robbery, Snakeman ate his kids, Troy was Jaywalking, Evan was stoned, The Mexican was just a Mexican & Krystal was holding for a funny gag while Boyd stands there because of a Foot Long Hoodie!, "6.99", everyone was holding bells as they all did something wrong.
  • In Judge Jammer's Naked Tickle Party, most of the people are seen naked wearing masks, most of nudity is cover by random objects for example the naked are covered by leaves.