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Strippers are minor characters in Squidbillies.


Strippers are two adult women in a bikinis (one being red, while the latter being purple) that work as strippers, that are working at The Jiggle Hut in several episodes, though, their heels and legs are only seen onscreen (though, the stripper's arm and hand are visible). Usually only one of these women appears onscreen (though, two episodes do show two different strippers), though, some different strippers, such as the Blondie Stripper, are seen in other episodes, though, they have much different designs, compared to these two.

Episode Appearances[]

The red bikini stripper debuts in the second episode "Take This Job and Love It", where Early is seeing one stripping while at his time in the strip club. Early then tries to give a coin for the woman while she tries to grab it, but Early replied to not get it and told her to drop them.

A stripper reappears in "Giant Foam Dickhat Trouble", as Early replies to the stripper "yes, darlin', your chest is full and heaving but what about the heart that lays beneath them puppies?, look here, I want you read this here literature." Similar to last time, Early replies his own "no!", as the stripper is trying to grab a note, Early then tells her to "pick it up" with her own butt cheeks.

A stripper reappears in "Burned and Reburned Again", as she is turned around stripping while Early is worried about Krystal. Her panties are also absent.

While the stripper with the red panties doesn't make a physical appearance in "Webnecks", a stripper machine appears in the strip club instead, which replaces the original stripper.

Two strippers are also seen stripping in "Wing Nut" on tables as their working at "Ain't Nothin' But a Wing", with one of them having two different legs, with the latter having a toy like leg colored in darker brown, also has purple panties and wears purple heels. Two of these strippers can be seen again in the episode "The Appalachian Mud Squid: Darwin's Dilemma" at The Jiggle Hut stripping for men.

A another stripper appears in "Tuscaloosa Dumpling" when Early and Russell are in the Jiggle Hut, where Early negotiates with her from a pole and the stripper grabs Early's tentacles and walks away with him to get his "Tuscaloosa Dumpling" and Early calls her "Thunder buns."

At the beginning of the episode, Early tells Rusty that a stripper named "Trixie", to flip him over and give him his very first "Tuscaloosa dumpling." It's currently unknown if Trixie is one of names for the one of the two strippers seen in the early seasons of the show, which could most likely be the name of the stripper in the red panties.

Strippers are also seen in a brief flashback for "Velvet Messiah."

In "Trackwood Race-ist", a stripper, with a half injured leg, makes an appearance in Early's flashback, when a younger Rusty is trying to tell his father to let him join the Woody Scouts.

Leroy is seen watching a stripper in "Let ’er R.I.P."

In "Zen and the Art of Truck-Boat-Truck Maintenance", the stripper is seen stripping at the Jiggle Hut while Early drinks a glass of beer, with the latter calling her "darling", after explaining how he lost his yoga business, to him claiming "Don't never tell all your students to jump off a bridge."

Early then tries to give her a nickle, but as she tries to grab it, Early drops it and says a "Whoopsie!", Early then tells her to see now with a little yoga, "you'd be down on that quicker than stink on sh*t", Early tells her to "dig this here", when he grabs the coins, via ass, and the woman tries to grab the said nickle again but Early slaps her arm, by stating "Hell, no, woman!", because she had her "damn" chance, Early then proceeds to pick up all of the dollar bills and money cents with his ass and leaves, taking away his half-dranken glass of beer.