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The Super Computers, also known as The machines, were a group of old "Hinson" Computers that developed personalities, and super intelligence after one spent time with the Cuylers.

Super Computers being made


Although the computers had only 4 kilobytes of memory, they were able to change the lives of the residents of Dougal County for the better. The first one to develop Super intelligence was a computer that was given to Rusty by the Sheriff. Rusty improved the community with the knowledge he was able to obtain with the computer, helping everyone from Early, to Dan Halen. Despite this though, through a stroke

A high ranking computer, among the machines

of ignorance, Early Cuyler attempted to destroy the computer with an axe. However, as soon as the computer saw itself in danger, it melted Early's axe. Soon after that computers around the county began to grow smarter and reproducing themselves by means of homosexual activities in factories, eventually taking over Dougal County. However, rather than ruling Dougal County in tyranny, the machines assisted the locals by providing them information, food, and fights to the death for entertainment. However, once the leader of the computers declared the computers were gay, the town grew afraid and destroyed them all, claiming the computers were going to turn them gay as well. With their machine slaves/rulers gone, Early is left to do his taxes with a abacus, which he has no understanding on how to use.

A sole broken Super computer is seen in a flashback in "Atone Deaf" next to a garbage pile when Early tries to redeem himself.

A Hinson computer makes a brief appearance in a flashback from "Atone Deaf."


All the computers are based of Rusty's version of the "Hinson". They are bulky, with large bases and small green screens for monitors. When they were being cloned, the dice and calendar that the Sheriff placed on the the computer were also manufactured during their production. As they took over, some began to develop different appearances, doctors wore white coats, chefs had jet-packs, and one leader had Napoleonic-era admiral hat. Most however, remained the same as the original.



  • The computers manufacturer, "Hinson", is taken from the name of country artists and voice actor Unknown Hinson, who plays Early Cuyler.
  • The destruction of the Super Computers is based on the stereotype that southerners think being gay is contagious.
  • A Super Computer makes a brief cameo in "Armageddon It On!" as one of the many stolen items.