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Taint Misbehavin' is the third episode from the ninth season of Squidbillies. It first aired October 5th, 2014 on [adult swim].


Dan Halen faces his own mortality and finds solace in an ancient religion.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere... But It's 4:20 Here!!!"
  • Cardboard Cancer Mask


Guest Stars []


  • This is the second episode where Russell "Rusty" Cuyler doesn't make an appearance, the first being "Class of '86".
  • This episode reveals themes of taint cancer, and ancient Egypt as the second half takes place in a giant ancient pyramid built in Dougal County and jars to pick out their brains with their nose. Sheriff does this action. The city of Gatlinburg is also mentioned.
  • Two of the nurse strippers have there designs reused from "Holodeck Redneck", "America: Why I Love Her", and "From Russia with Stud".
  • The penis and ass of Sheriff's taint ass body costume is uncensored.
  • Its revealed that Early can swallow a rhino head, he also threw a desk after Dan throw a chair out the window
  • Dan Halen is revealed have a "Dan Halen's screamin' teen tween screen machine" service for second-graders of the Dougal County Elementary School with a pink with a model of microscope looking at a human ass.
  • Glenn's Wife is revealed to work as a school teacher in this episode, and stopped Dan Halen's business.
    • Dan Halen has also to have cancer awareness magnets for fun.
  • Adolf Hitler is also referenced along with a bunch of Swastika, and Nazi themed imagery.
  • The bears seen pulling the blocks of the upcoming pyramid look similar to the ones from "Hetero-Cephalo Agenda".
  • Granny is shown pulling a white tiger encased in glass also Dan Halen told it was one of the only three white tigers in the known world with the other one on top of the pyramid.
  • The "Sun God Ra" appears as a depiction of a drawing.
  • Dr. Cock is the only resident of Dougal County that never entered the giant pyramid built by Dan Halen.
  • Lil's head is used for Dan Halen's ass, and uses to copy pictures on a machine in a "Copier" shop called "Copiers".
  • The dead man statue from "Gimmickly Magazine Spoof Show Parody About Dan Halen" appears at the end of the episode when everybody is on a boat in the underworld to River Styx.

Theme Song Performers[]