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Terminus Trouble is the eleventh episode from the second season of Squidbillies. It first aired on November 26, 2006 on [Adult Swim].

Synopsis and Plot[]

Early, Rusty, and the Sheriff tour the city of Atlanta and attend a baseball game to watch a "Tool Dash" completion, soon Early is sent to a courthouse where Early is arrested for beating up a baseball player during a basement game.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Squid Hat"


Guest Appearances[]


  • Lil Cuyler doesn't appear in this episode. Despite this, Lil is mentioned at least once in the episode.
  • Rusty has his own bathing suit and his floaty's are colored pink with yellow stars decorated on them. His swimming goggles are blue with circles on them.
  • Granny is only seen in the episode's beginning, and isn't seen in the episode again when she falls and passes out.
  • The bucket that Early spills on Rusty was not water, but instead is dirt and was had tobacco buds from the bucket. According to Early, it was from Lil's ashtray.
  • Sheriff reveals that there are state-wide water restrictions in place.
  • The pool connect to the green rope which is filled with water that Early swims around in has the colors of the confederate flag on it.
    • The confederate flag later appears on Sheriff's cup he holds when he handcuffs the gate from Atlanta's largest painting, pretending that it is "under arrest for having a damn good time."
    • Over four of the same confederate flag cups reappear during the credits.
  • Early is revealed to be a wanted criminal in Atlanta, as shown on a 20-year old paper from the 80's and from the Atlanta's police during the morning, where Early changed his name to "Awesome Bill from Dawsonville". Two mugshots of Early are seen on the paper, along with his tentacle prints and the crimes he was involved with are listed below.
    • The crimes listed on the bill are breaking and entering, vandalism, destruction of public property, destruction of private property, public intoxication, and harassment.
    • The black bar that Early is holding in the picture says "ATL 86753."
    • Later in the episode, Early is also revealed to have over three DUI's, from the same week, as he is drinking under the influence, which he has been arrested for many times.
    • When the Counselor mentions Early's name he uses the same "Awesome Bill from Dawsonville" name.
  • Early, Rusty and Sheriff to drive to Atlanta, by only using a scooter to the city, which is only 109 miles away.
  • A CNN Building (The world's only 24-hour all-news network) is located in Atlanta, Rusty called it "liberal, jew-run propaganda machine shoves their spin down our throats".
    • Sheriff also gives Russell a CNN snow globe which Early ends up breaking by slapping it out of Sheriff's arm.
  • General Robert E. Lee appears as one of the "Four Horsemen of the Confederacy" along with Stonewall Jackson, Jefferson Davis and Pac-Man on a large stone mountain (coincidently called with the same name) which is the world's appropriately named mountain in the southeast, which Early used yellow stray paint from a can on the said mountain in Atlanta, to stray paint his art of Pac-Man, but only to be caught by their police in the said county.
  • The world's largest painting is the "Battle of Atlanta" which is also used as a location, as Early, Russell and Sheriff visit it, later Russell hangs onto the painting.
    • A Musset ball is mentioned by Sheriff, as he wants Rusty to watch out for it.
    • The word "Doughnuts' are also used for describe the painting doing donuts.
  • An American flag, red, blue and purple fireworks, the logos of "gum", Dan Halen and "Glug" appear on a large jumbo screen in the Atlanta stadium.
  • Dan Halen is revealed to host a stadium, and his yard and garden center "Tool Dash", which is a tool race between different types of tools such as Extension Cord, and 4x8 Sheet Of Half Inch Plywood, however oddly 6 Piece Teak Patio Furniture Set and a Drop Cloth appear in the race.
  • Steve wears a different attire of sports clothes', instead of his overalls, while passing by Early and Rusty in the stadium.
  • When Early throws the coffee cup (with a baseball on the cup) at a father's baby, Rusty steals a chilly dog from a kid during that same scene.
    • In a unfinished deleted scene found on Squidbillies Volume 1 DVD Set, originally Billy Morton as a place holder was going to appear in this episode, taking the kid's place, such as Rusty stealing Billy's chilly dog, but was replaced by that kid in the final product.
  • Ironically, when Early and Rusty are sitting in the stadium, many more people are sitting in the seats around them while the two are in the middle of watching the "Tool Dash" competition, but oddly enough, when a tie is placed for Extension Cord and Drop Cloth in Tool Dash, the next scene shows many emptiness seats in the stadium, which implies that many people leave offscreen. One last person is also seen leaving his seat, presumably due to the tie, but yet the Father & Baby and the kid who had his chilidog stolen by Rusty, don't even leave their seats, which are next to Early, Rusty and Sheriff.
  • The "Cage Match" death match segment features a giant skeleton saying "Cage Match!" and holding a battle arena with fiery background present.
    • After Drop Cloth defeats the Extension Cord, he wears a Dan Halen which is over 14.99.
  • According to the Sheriff, Drop Cloth always wins these type of things meaning the Drop Cloth beats "Tool Dash" every-time at the baseball game.
  • The interior of the courthouse in Atlanta, would later be used for the interior of the Dougal County Courthouse in the show's more later episodes.
  • On the television of Early's crime in the courthouse, the Counselor is told to reverse the footage of Early beating up the baseball player before a bunch of security guards caught him and pretends that he is getting him off the ground and unkicking his balls. The Counselor thought it was some kind of a Sci-Fi.
    • Other things shown in footage are a "Wacky Blooper Reel", including one scene showing a wolf killing someone dressed as a baseball mascot.
    • A kiss kam with the footage being surrounded by a heart and pink background with Rusty having a thought bubble saying "I sure hope my husband..." and Early then has a thought bubble of his own saying "..doesn't find out!".
      • According to Early, he pretends that his squid hat in the footage reads "Gynecologists', Saturday nights only" and mentions that he got it from a truck stop in Elakay.
  • An African-American variation of the Sheriff named Phil makes a appearance, the Mexicans with different variations of them also appear. Female variations are also shown, for the first time though they are different.
  • This episode doesn't have a normal credit sequence, the credits are shown playing during the "Battle of Atlanta" painting and Russell hanging on to it while Early watches him and Sharif is passed out, most likely drunk.

References & Allusions[]

  • Pac-Man from the Pac-Man video game series makes a cameo as a stray paint drawing and Early says his famous "wacka wacka wacka" speech when he was stray painting the drawing to be on the "Horsemen of the Confederacy" on Stone Mountain, making him the fourth horsemen, and now part of the confederacy due to Early's stupidity.
    • Coincidently, Early also mentions the name "Donkey Kong", when he is stray painting Pac-Man.
  • The 1982 movie "Six Pack" is also mentioned when Sheriff mentions that scene Kenny Rogers shot the scene with the kids in that movie and the location is used here. Sheriff mentions this scene over two times in the episodes.
    • The 1979 song "The Coward of the County" by Kenny Rogers, is also mentioned by the Sheriff which himself stood right there where the filming of movie was recording.
    • Coincidently, this episode's description on Adultswim.com has the words "Atlanta, home of several shots used in Six Pack, starring Kenny Rogers."
  • On the tray that the Sheriff is holding has a milkshake cup, a meatball and a red box of French fries can be seen with a bottle of beer. This is a reference to an another Adult Swim Show called Aqua Teen Hunger Force, in reference to the show's main characters Master Shake, Meatwad and Frylock.
    • Coincidently, the meatball has the exact same shape as Meatwad.
  • The Dan Halen Yard & Garden Center Tool Dash is a reference to the Home Depot Tool Race at Turner Field (later at Truist Park post-2016). Both races feature CGI animated tools racing around the field set to "Sabre Dance" by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • The "Battle of Atlanta" painting is actually the Atlanta Cyclorama, now located at the Atlanta History Center. At the time of this episode's premier, the painting would've been housed at the Atlanta Cyclorama & Civil War Museum.
    • Sheriff is technically correct about the Cyclorama being the world's largest painting, as it was considered such until 1894 when it was surpassed by "The Racławice Panorama" in Wrocław, Poland.