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Thanks-Taking is the ninth & final episode from the tenth season of Squidbillies. It first aired on November 22, 2015 on [adult swim].


Rusty's new friend is invited to Thanksgiving dinner.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "I'm A Multitasker! I can drink a beer watch TV, and bang your bang! All at the same time!!!


Theme Song Performer[]


  • This is the first & only thanksgiving special in the series, this is also counts as a Black Friday special as Black Friday is celebrated in this episode.
  • Biscuit the dog (Originally named Billie) in this episode who was killed in this episode (Since Early & Granny ate him for Thanksgiving), was based off the late Phil Samson's real life dog named "Biscuit Samson" who was born on 4/1/2000 but died on 6/22/2016, Biscuit's memorial with a picture of him is seen during the credits as this episode was dedicated to him as Biscuit ironically dies in this episode as Early & Granny eat him for thanksgiving & discovered by both Russell & the Sheriff (who uses his tracker device to find Biscuit).
  • Glenn's Children are revealed for the first time ever in a episode, which retcons the events of the episode "Class of '86", Glenn mentioned that the children were killed in a house-fire.
  • In Early's thanksgiving story, the animation changes & it becomes very realistic, most notably the bearded squids & Indians in that story, buffalo & a dead deer are also seen in the story.
  • When Rusty was in Ballmart, looking at the Monday - Sunday job chart, you can see names of some characters they include Rusty C., Krystal L., Sharif S (Sheriff), Miguel W. (one of the Mexicans), Billy M. (Billy Morton) Lillian C., Bosque ja W., Scat C., Snake M. (for Snakeman who doesn't appear in Season 10 & is never seen working at Ballmart) & Larza W.
  • Krystal's big breasts are Blurred on television, this is the first time her breasts are exposed, and a another episode next pixelated nudity is shown.
    • Also to point out, Krystal disappears after this episode, she doesn't appear again until "The War on The War on Christmas", which is the ninth episode of Season 11 & her only appearance in that season.
  • Randy's wooden car from "Trackwood Race-ist" returns in this episode.
  • A picture of dead woman named "Gail" is seen next to a cross, broken red glasses, Cheyenne Cinnamon's Unicorn doll, a Beanie Weenie, her nametag, & a pot of flowers are seen this woman must have died in 2015 during a Black Friday event.
  • The Black Friday Shoppers are revealed that they are all camping until Ballmart opens two hours later during the night since Sheriff wouldn't let them inside previously & they would camp out to save over 20 bucks on buying a hoverboard doorbuster (which is cheaper on online according to the Sheriff).
  • This is the fifth and final episode of Season 10, where Tammi is voiced by "Faye Otto" instead of "Elizbeth Cook".
  • Benjamin Swartsman a licensed venereal, confectionarist, & vegetarian is mentioned as him by Early in the credits.