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The Appalachian Mud Squid: Darwin's Dilemma is the tenth episode from the third season of Squidbillies. It first aired on March 23, 2008 on [Adult Swim].


A documentary on "ignorant land squids"—the Cuylers—is filmed in Dougal County.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "My Other Hat is Yo' Momma!"


Guest Appearances[]

  • David Jackson


  • This episode confirms the Cuyler's species, which is the Appalachian Mud Squid is an endangered animal species, which Sheriff has to protect for future generations can somehow appreciate and Dan Halen is running a illicit endangered species hunting safari.
    • Fittingly, this episode's plot is connected to the title, with the name of the mud squid species in it.
    • The narrator claims that in the mountains of North Georgia is "home to a species long thought extinct."
    • The narrator claims for months, that they tracked their migration, only to learn that they rarely move, except when they're attempting to descramble the HBO.
    • The dominant male of a mud squid "is out foraging for convoluted expressions of himself, the elderly and cub are left to fend for themselves, finding nutrition where ever they can.
  • The Triangle Shaped Guy appears as a narrator for this episode, with a British accent.
    • The triangle-shaped man debuts in this episode and becomes a regular background character after this episode, he observes close by the mud squids by mimicking their sexism.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Early is seen lighting a American colored rocket with stars and Rusty on it with a lighter. The rocket is held up by a wooden stick and it lighted up. The American rocket fires in-between Rusty's body with an explosion starting.
  • The man seen on the television that Rusty and Early are descrambling later appears in the episode "Anabolic-holic", speaking on the same television and the background seen on the television is taken from the episode "Government Brain Voodoo Trouble."
  • The privates on Early's devil tattoo is blurred out in this episode, also the tattoo says the words "Ass gas or grass", "Noone rides 4 free!"
  • Glenn's Wife's hair is colored brown in this episode, this may have been an animation error or a clone of her.
  • The Appalachian Mud Squid species have intricate tribal markings are used for such purposes as attracting a mate or intimidating colleagues, Early attempted to do this with Donna, albeit with brown hair and the latter has Early, on a copying machine, which copies papers of the confederate flag on it, intimidate Glenn by telling him "you head down to the second floor for your copy needs, Glenn!", then pulls out a confederate flag paper and tells him that "Laser Color 4600p" is his. The copy machine copies prints of the same image
    • Interestingly, the said papers have the words "forget hell!" on them.
    • Glenn's coffee mug has the words "#1 Dad" on it.
  • Early has a tattoo of the words "caught lookin'" with a bunch of words written on his back, the latter word has two eyeballs replacing over two "o's".
    • Early: "This text needs to be left-justified, and you better start kerning this sumbitch better than you been a-doin'. You makin' me look like a damn fool of a bar fight."
  • The Prisoner from the episodes "This Show Is Called Squidbillies" and "Swayze Crazy" is revealed to be a tattoo artist, that is working at a tattoo shop.
  • A turtle, wheel, truck and a logo of Glug appear on a image, an another picture with giraffe appears next to it.
  • Rusty covers peanut butter all over Granny's body for a group of grizzly bears, which growl at her and one hits and knock her away.
  • The chicken bucket from "This Show Is Called Squidbillies" reappears, which is from a truck, which is called "Chicklanta", which is seen upside down. That chicken bucket reappears again in the episode "Reunited, And It Feels No Good."
  • The mud squids are revealed to gather over their kill for Sunday dinner.
  • Early nicknames Granny as "lady babble" and claims "re-dredging topics that's done been settled from by mouth of a woman." The family and the Triangle guy then pray to the lord for "mans" like himself, claiming "mal of these masculine variety, winners all of us" and thanks him for the woman's, and "how" they "made them out of a part of a man that he don't never need, nor want, to live by" their rules and pleasures.
  • Lil is passed out again on the floor.
  • The Cuyler's are revealed to have eaten a cameraman named "Kenneth Willis" with a license with blood, his portrait, lines and Georgia on it and Granny made a dessert called a "Kevin on a stick."
    • Early collects the name for her.
    • The last name could be a reference to Dave Willis, one of the co-creators of the show.
    • Kenneth's body shape covered in blood is seen behind a plant and camera, though the body shape has the same one that resembles Randy's.
    • Rusty claims that he is crunchy, and has the elbow of his leg on a stick.
    • Early claims that he got the lens cap, and tells him to make a wish, which is a wish bone. Early then holds a stick of Kenneth's dismantled leg (or arm) and claims that it would go straight to his hips and then eats it.
  • The Sunday dinner was played on a monitor set, which has Early pull Lil's body via hair and hold Kenneth's stick, Early also claims that he gets mouth herpes in one scene, but Sheriff turns off the monitor with a television remote.
  • Sheriff's keys from "The Good One" reappear, using it for Early to get out of the jailcell.
  • Early ends knocking off the monitor set.
  • The two strippers, with the latter from "Wing Nut" appears at the Jiggle Hut.
  • This is the first episode where The Jiggle Hut exterior is seen.
  • Two cars and Sheriff's police car are seen The Jiggle Hut.
    • The Jiggle Hut sign says the name of the event, which is "Fight the cat! 2 - nite".
  • The chained jaguar has a champ belt around his body, which the feline rips off its collar and attacks Sheriff, despite Early throwing stones at the jaguar. Sheriff mentions that he gotten jaguar cuts and sliced open his Achilles.
  • The audience from "Double Truckin' the Tricky Two", "Webnecks" and "Condition: Demolition!" can be seen in the interior during the wrestling tournament featuring a Jaguar.
  • Sheriff killed a jaguar in the cage arena since gunshots can be heard and Early is seen wearing a cape of the jaguar's fur and has the champion belt on his head in the next scene.
    • Sheriff mentioned that Early cleaned and dressed his carcass for 30 minutes, which indicates that the jaguar was killed by Sheriff and that fur was indeed made of a cape. Early then says "Monday-morning quarterback." Sheriff mentions this later on, as he killed a jaguar after Early left him, due to him refusing to give him a hand.
    • Early: "Hell, I'm sick of living in your damn police state!", "Like a damn minified tube."
  • Early mentions the way that he pile-drived the cat and calls the move "The Early Riser."
  • Early strays his ink at the Sheriff next to a high voltage power line, which beams out electrically and says the words "danger."
    • Reverend pasts this action and mentions "Hell of a sermon last week."
  • Rusty claims Early has a earring, which turns out to be a orange tag (which is called a "tagging vice") on him, claiming that he switched teams during the night, plan a trip to the keys, which he guesses and get him a boyfriend, since he is not getting any younger.
    • Early's orange tag has the number "01" on it.
  • Sheriff is seen in a helicopter from "Family Trouble", he claims that the helicopter is a chopper.
    • Early drives the Sheriff's helicopter in the air with Rusty spinning on the helicopter's propellers, which crashes to the ground, causing an explosion similar to that episode.
  • Granny also has tag and tracking anklet claiming that she is a fancy model limping. Rusty claimed that Early's tag matched her D.U.I. anklet.
    • Granny's red tag has the number "52" on it.
    • Rusty's tag is yellow with the number "14" on it.
  • Early assumes his tag is a toasted cinnamon and Granny's tag is a Tuscan cranberry. Rusty claims that he is gay, which Early comes out on his own terms, and tells him to get his drinking party liquor, which Rusty tries to get via child-safety lock but couldn't open it, but Early claims that he got the key, which is his 12 gauge shotgun which can be cocked because of a trigger lock on it due to the paramount safety of the species, Early throws the latter out of the window and breaks the glass.
  • Early's Truck-Boat-Truck is replaced by a regular car. which is a safety sedan (called "Swedish sedan" by him) from across the pond which is filled with air bags so folks like Early that he hits get protection. Sheriff hits the sedan with his baton.
  • Early drank the car's gas then passes out. Later on, Granny does the same thing, mentioning that she needs emergency attention, as she coughs out smoke.
  • Early thinks the Sheriff knows that he is a homo and claims that he has the ear bob.
  • Even though Early survived the helicopter crash, he has a helicopter blade stabbed in his head while Sheriff shows concern and uses paddles from a beeping machine to heal him.
  • Like "Condition: Demolition!", Dan Halen is working with The Japanese, also he heads to Japan with them at the end of the episode via plane.
  • Dan Halen's illicit endangered species hunting safari is disguised as a liquor store.
  • The Japanese hunter claims that Granny moves like a gazelle while speaking in Japanese language.
  • One of the Japanese men has a wife, who claims that his marriage was saved by squid powder, which is an aphrodisiac.
  • Sheriff is called "lawman" by Dan.
  • After a Japanese man shoots Granny via shotgun, she is turned into boots for the Japanese man and Rusty becomes a suitcase.
  • Despite Sheriff wishing that his bones were aphrodisiac, his are not as he can't go to Japan, which he knows.
  • Dan's suitcase is colored blue with his logo (colored yellow) on it.
  • Early claims that he keeps business in his family with Lil, who vomits.
  • The bumper stickers on Rusty are a New York bumper sticker, a blue sticker saying "Pave our Lake", an airplane sticker with the word "travel" underneath, and a few others.
  • Rusty claims that he is thirsty and he's gotten cottonmouth from all of his formal dehydration.


  • The African and Zombie citizens are seen floating in the air when sitting in the background with the stadium audience and another audience.
  • When Early jumps on the top of the cage arena with the jaguar's champion belt, the stadium audience is replaced by an another audience in the background.

References & Allusions[]

  • Superman and Spiderman, which are two famous fictional superheroes that are mentioned, which the former is a superhero from DC Comics and the latter is a Marvel superhero. Rusty seems to like Spiderman.
  • The HBO, which is the Home Box Office are mentioned.
  • The real-world race-car driver; Danica Patrick is mentioned as sexism to the Cuyler's.
    • Triangle Shaped Guy mentions that he can assume she could even properly work a stick shift, other than that of her husband and provider.
    • He mentions if the family follows his ribald analogy, which he thanks, and mentions that "mammaroids gets in the way of the damn wheel!" and claims it is a basic anatomy.
    • He then claims "not be no damn woman behind the wheel of no damn racecar." Though, Rusty claims that she has done pretty good. Early claims that everyone can't be damn men, with somebody that has to be the loser.
    • Granny claims "the only race she 'ought to be running is a race to start a litter of young'uns" to get pregnant and make some beds, which she is done with.
  • Rusty mentions the name "Harrison Ford."
  • Sheriff is called "Romeo" by Early when breathes air into his mouth from him drinking the car's car.
  • Dan Halen gives Sheriff a blue egg-shaped key-chain with the said key-chain having egg as a digital pet, which is a parody of a Tamagotchi. Dan also claims to not press the bedtime button, which he is trying to see what sleep deprivation will do to it. Early is given a similar Tamagotchi from Dan Halen as payment, though Early throws it on the ground and breaks with a wooden stick as the key-chain is crying due to hunger and Early actions.
    • When Early shuts the plane door to Rusty and the suitcases, he mentions "Bellyaching, why can't you be more like your sister Yamagotchi?"
    • Yamagotchi was obviously the name of the two Tamagotchi key-chain parodies given by Early and Sheriff respectively.
  • Before Early sends his son; Rusty off to Japan, he tells him to say "hi" to Mario and "all his Mushroom Buddies" for him, which is a reference to Super Mario, a very famous and popular Japanese video game series made by Nintendo.
    • "Mushroom Buddies" is referring to the Toads.