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The Cuyler Killing, also known as The Cuyler Killer (as called by Early), is an event involving a tree where three members of the Cuyler family got killed in a tragic car crash by the cause of a tree, which is next to the middle of a cliff, but was then a giant bloodbath full of car crashes, as the first car couldn't turn around the giant tree, and a memorial are placed between the other way.

Early Cuyler (who had Asbestos at the time of the episode), Sheriff, and later Rusty visited the memorial, but Early attempts suicide by crashing into the said memorial, and tree, but survived via airbag.


  • Urlo - He is a great uncle that died in a crash by hitting a tree.
  • Urlotta - She was the gal of Urlo where she was seen crying at his funeral but killed in a car crash by Dickie Jack's car
  • Dickie Jack - The third and final member who got killed in the car crash, as he fell out of the car, which crashed into Urlotta.