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The Good One is the seventh episode from the third season of Squidbillies. It first aired on March 2, 2008, on [Adult Swim].


Lil gives birth to a large number of children, which Early attempts to euthanize until he becomes attached to one of them.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Lifeguard on Booty"
  • "Squid Hat" (mugshot picture)
  • "Gator Hater"



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  • Fittingly, Early says the name of the episode's title at one point, which is referring to Herschel being the good one of Lil's offspring, due to him bonding with Herschel.
  • This is the third episode to introduce a prominent member of the Cuyler family since both Dr. Bug and Shannon Cuyler.
  • This episode introduces the Truck Nuts, as red and gray ones are first seen. Later on, Granny mentions that she has to get her gold nuts.
  • Early uses a wrench to unattach the red truck nut from his Truck-Boat-Truck.
  • Early calls Granny's gray truck nut a "pointless fad", which could most likely be a parody and stereotype of useless fad.
  • Early told Rusty to strap the truck nut on his own roller skates.
  • Lil mentions that "you know them guys don't like condoms", which indicates she had sex with another man (possibly another squid), who is never seen nor mentioned in the episode, and gave birth to the children seen in the episode, when she talks to Early.
    • Early mentions that he never used condoms.
  • Early mentions "double super bust", implying how Lil managed to give birth to all of her offspring.
  • Early mentions the baby squids are Rusty's new brothers and sisters.
  • After Early and Rusty round up all of the squids into a bag to The Lake, the Cuyler House becomes empty, while only Granny and her own truck nuts, seen while Lil is still out, eyes closed and not even moving.
    • Both Granny and Lil is also not seen again for the rest of the episode.
  • Early pronounces Hollywood as "Holly-weird."
  • Rusty calls Sheriff "the fuzz."
  • When Early and Rusty are caught in a wooden boat with Lil's offspring in a bag by Sheriff at the lake, he is riding a banana boat attached to a police boat, the banana boat has its own pair of truck nuts.
  • Rusty mentions the taxpayers payed back to his banana boat.
  • Sheriff holds a brown bottle of lotion with the number 70, and a sun seen on it, he answers it as a walkie-talkie, saying "Al-Qaeda is across the country line." He claims that the lake is secure. He also rubs the said lotion on his belly, which serves both. Rusty uses the lotion to rub the Sheriff's shoulders.
    • Al-Qaeda is a reference to a real-world Muslim group from Afghanistan.
    • This is the very first episode of the series to have references to this Muslim group in particular. Al-Qaeda is later referenced in the episodes "The Okaleechee Dam Jam", "Fatal Distraction" and "America: Why I Love Her", the latter episode has the Al-Qaeda's appear as characters.
  • Hershel uses a knife to cut through the bag.
  • The DFCs said they don't want any part of this.
  • Lil's offspring stopped moving, as obviously they gotten diabetes, a crack addiction, got pregnant, and we're stabbed by Herschel.
  • After Sheriff's head is blew off his body, Early states to someone needing a vision machine, to get Sheriff's death on tape.
  • Saw lll is the movie that Rusty and Lil's offspring watch in the movie theater.
  • Two of Lil's offspring are named Jimmy Dean and Ricky Jay, who call each other on their cellphones.
  • A yellow can of Glug is seen in this episode, which Herschel stabs and drinks.
  • Early and Herschel almost ran over Reverend using the truck, and rob Boyd's Convenience Store. Also, Early is seen in jail choking Sheriff, and Herschel grabs his key.
  • Early's mugshots from "Terminus Trouble", including the squid hat that he wore in that episode, are seen next to Herschel's, which both are wanted by the Dougal County PD.
    • Herschel is labeled "Unknown Assailant."
  • Both Hershel and Early killed the Sheriff at a different occasion, the latter was choking.
  • Early and Herschel crash Sheriff's police car into his truck that crash into a tree earlier. A airbag is seen in the police car.
  • Early gives Herschel dip from the show's intro.
  • Rusty has Georgia Bulldogs merchandise, which are a football, a lunchbox, a cup, a bulldog plushie, a hat and a flag.
    • This is the very first episode of the show to feature references to the Georgia Bulldogs, and the Florida Gators, as the latter was obviously referenced by Early's "Gator Hater" hat, which Herschel wears.
  • Lil's offspring are also called a "sissy farm" by Early.
  • This marks the second time Early has been hit or injured by the train, first being in "School Days, Fool Days".
    • While, the train is quickly seen, it is colored green, blue, and purple.
    • Its horn and bell are heard ringing.
    • Early's tentacles are stuck underneath the train's tracks, resulting in bleeding from Early's tentacles.
  • Early tells that the train will end soon and Herschel to pull him to the hospital, due to his train injury.
  • In the morning when Herschel steals Early's trucker hat, shadows of vultures/hawks are seen, and flies swarm around Early.
  • This is the first time that Early's tentacles/limbs have be replaced in a episode. In this case, wooden tree branches. He also got a disability check, which he can buy a wheelchair with, but instead Early lets Rusty get him a inflatable rocking Santa Claus in a bubble globe instead. He has to put it next to a trampoline in the yard, right next to a Elvis rocker jukebox.
    • Early signs the said check with a pen.
  • According to Early's thinking, "you never get scored as a parent, like in bowling, but you should, 'cause then I would receive the gold medal of love."
  • Early thinks Herschel may become a world's famous trucker or spot him one night in a battle cage, executing Tim "The Maine-iac" Sylvia, with a older Early watching him in his latter fantasy.
  • The monkey next to Herschel in Early's first fantasy is wearing a "co-pilot" hat.
  • This episode doesn't have the usual credits sequence.

References & Allusions[]

  • Chrometrucknuts.org - Fan Site for Granny's reference to the website, Early then mentions "aw, mainstream's caught on."
  • Alien - Ridley Scott's Alien is mentioned by both Early and Rusty when they see Lil give birth to the children.
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Film For Theaters - A poster can be on a wall of the movie theater, though the movie is not showing in theaters, obviously due to its limited release date.
  • Saw lll - The movie is reference and watched by Rusty and all the children from Lil in the movie theater.
    • If you listen closely to the audio during the movie theater sequence you can hear the advertisements for the movies.
    • This is also the second time the Saw franchise is referenced, with other episodes are "Rebel with a Claus" and a another reference appears in "Clowny Freaks".
  • Elvis Presley - Early mentions a Elvis rocker jukebox based off Elvis Presley, a famous rock and roll legend.
  • Tim Sylvia - Herschel is seen wrestling an animated version of Tim "The Maine-iac" Sylvia in his aforementioned latter fantasy, who is a retired American mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, professional wrestler, and former two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion.