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The Guzzle Bumpkin is the second episode from the eleventh season of Squidbillies. It first aired on October 22, 2017 on [adult swim].


Rusty goes as the Guzzle Bumpkin, but things take a violent turn for the worse.


Rusty records himself with a camera while doing some dangerous extreme stunts for his Youtube channel, in the hope of advertising revenue. The video immediately goes viral, attracting the attention of a major energy drink sponsor named Steve Blumin. Thanks to an agreement, in each video, Rusty will have to wear clothes with the Guzzle Bumpkin brand, in order to increase the popularity of the energy drink. Tammi calls Rusty to tell him that their son Randy has been hospitalized for imitating one of his stunts, so Rusty returns to Steve to tell him that he didn't want to make more videos like that, but is offered one last job. Rusty talks about it with rapper Coolio and former stuntman Wee-Man who give him mixed messages about whether or not to be a stuntman. Eventually, Rusty quits in favor of Tammi and Randy. Early takes his place but doesn't get the money from Steve.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Booty Hunter"
  • "Grab Deez Nutz And Guzzle Up"


Guest Stars[]


  • Sheriff & Deputy Denny don't appear in this episode.
  • This is the first time in the series where YouTube is seen, as it is used throughout the episode.
    • This episode also counts as a New Years Eve Special, as Rusty & his family celebrate it while in New York City, there is a challenge for swimming in a pile of dog shit, The Guzzles wanted Rusty to do it but he didn't want to do it, Early did it instead.
  • In Rusty's videos, he is wearing a green & purple outfit called a Guzzle outfit, he has golden teeth saying "Bumpkin", representing the Guzzles, in a video called "Guzzle Vs. Nature", he has a stingray duck-taped on his back while fighting a black bear, Rusty ends up getting attacked by a snake, the black bear ends up attacking him.
    • In a another video saying "Guzzle Bumpkin Stoned!!! 420!!!", he is duck-taped on to a target, while Early uses a machine to shoot rocks at Rusty.
    • In a another video saying "Guzzle Bumpkin Chug Challenge!! (Watch Till the end!!!)", he eats a pound of cinnamon, chugs a gallon of milk & with a quart of soy sauce, he is eventually pulled by a bunch of cars, Granny, horses, Irina's bride, Biscuit, & a another dog.
    • In his Bleach Pong Challenge video, he didn't drink any bleach because it wouldn't be cool as bleach can poisoned you.
  • Biscuit from "Thanks-Taking" & Irina the Russian Bride from "From Russia with Stud" can be seen in one of Rusty's videos when one of Rusty's tentacles is pulled by him.
  • When Early's Truck-Boat-Truck is destroyed, he replaced it with a Guzzle snowmobile towing a Jet Ski, towing a hang glider pulling a parasol dragging a hover board & it was tied up by a corn-hole game.
  • Rusty's Son, Randy was injured by eating three pounds of crickets & a whole thing of fishing hooks thanks to one of Rusty's videos, where he did it.
  • Coolio revealed that he had a space vampire movie called Dracula 3000, he did 3000 stunts of it.
  • Wee Man revealed that he was put into a gorilla uterus, so it could give birth to him & the gorilla died after that since it couldn't give birth to human men.
  • The Guzzles with Coolio & Wee Man, feed the Starving Africans from Sub-Saharan Africa, they had to do it in three minutes or they're place is transformed into a skate park.
  • The word "Shit" is censored as "S**t" in this episode.