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The Inkubator Lives! is the third episode of the eighth season of Squidbillies, it first aired on August 25, 2013 on [Adult Swim], the episode's plot involves Rusty moonlights as a crime fighter ignoring Tammi and his son.


Rusty moonlights as a crime fighter ignoring Tammi and his son.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • Brown Paper Bag
  • "Booty Hunter"


Guest Stars[]

  • Dave Stone


  • This is the third appearance of Tammi & Macho Man Randy Cuyler, also this is the first time she is seen in a regular episode outside of "Keeping It in the Family Way" & "Rusty and Tammi Sitting in a Tree, B-A-S-T-A-R-D".
  • Rusty & Randy seem to like a Fictional Cartoon Character named Magma, they are seen watching it, they have a toy of him & a comic book of him.
  • The Avengers are referenced because Rusty mentioned a Avenger when Tammi is telling him about her breast job with Dan Halen, if her breast became a "C" Cup, Mr. Halen will let Tammi loose, (Rusty called it sexual harassment in the workplace).
  • A billboard of "Diet Soda" is shown.
  • Sheriff has a photo of his Mother, it said Mom, with two pink M's & a heart shaped O, however the woman in the picture resembles nothing like his mother.
  • Jugg 'Unz is a restaurant where Dan Halen puts pencils on woman breast size, however Tammi gets fired due to small breasts, the mascot of the restaurant has a rat eyes popping out.
    • Also the restaurant is a parody of the restaurant called Hoofers.
  • Apparently Rusty has a money scent tattoo on his tentacle.