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The Jiggle Hut is a recurring location in the Squidbillies. The tavern has a strip club located in Dougal County. Early frequently goes to in numerous episodes. The strip club has a bar and it is owned by a bartender named Ellis. The Jiggle Hut is a small building containing a tavern with large exterior and it has a sign with a arrow pointing at it. The bar in the strip club is shown to sell beer, alcohol, and Glug.

The bar is known for stripping, as there are strippers like Darla are seen working in there. There are also events, such as "Jaguar wrestling", "wet T-shirt contests", the "Big Gay Throwdown", "pudding wrestling", "gravy wrestling", and "Events by Russell", which include parties that take place there. The bar was the main settings for the episodes such as "The Big Gay Throwdown" and "Events by Russell".


The Jiggle Hut was first seen briefly in the pilot episode, where Rusty is seen inside the strip bar, rocking with two men, and he was drinking a big bottle of beer. It ended up as a dream. Early is seen with a stripper in the strip club in the second episode.

The bar seems to own a Jaguar which is a part of a wrestling tournament seen only in "The Appalachian Mud Squid: Darwin's Dilemma", which is one of it's attractions. Early and Rusty are seen watching a stripper in "Tuscaloosa Dumpling", a similar thing happened in a flashback in "Trackwood Race-ist". In the episode "Snow Daddy" it's revealed that Ellis on occasion will pole dance in place of the girls during extreme weather events when the girls cannot make it to work.

Early was kicked out of the strip club a few times, in "Atone Deaf" when it was closing in that episode, the episode "The Many Loves of Early Cuyler", and in the episode "Cooler-Heads Prevail". Ellis kicked out Early when his Sasquatch Cooler was smoking the place up.

The bar has been destroyed on a few occlusions by the fault of Early, for example in "Atone Deaf" by Early in his truck and the bar was destroyed in "Fatal Distraction" not by Early but by his GPS in his truck. The bar was also seen destroyed in "Events by Russell", by Early during the Events by Russell, by using his gardening hose to spray people, then destroyed Rusty's DJ player, causing a electric shock from the DJ's electrically, making things fall down destroying the propriety, lighting the bar on fire. Ellis lost his bar after that.



  • The Jiggle Hut also appeared in the "Trampled By Turtles" music video.
  • Season 9, and Season 11 are the only seasons where The Jiggle Hut doesn't appear in any episode.
  • Durwood Cuyler is seen going to a really similar to strip club with a stripper in "Not Without My Cash Cow!".
  • The words "firearms welcome" is listed on the building.
  • In "Trampled By Turtles". A bathroom of the bar is seen and a drawing of Krystal using her fingers is seen. The text around her are shown saying "call me anything goes", This is the only time this bathroom is seen in the series, though it was only a music video released on Adult Swim's YouTube channel.
  • In the twelve season of the show (except for the outside of "Rich Dan, Poor Dan"). The strip club has changed it's building design suggesting the building may have been renovated, as seen in both "Cooler-Heads Prevail", and "Events by Russell".