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The Liar, the Bitch and the Bored Rube is the second episode of Season 4 of Squidbillies, It originally aired on May 24, 2009 on [Adult Swim].


Books are a window to an amazing new world, and that's why they're wrong.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Body For Pleasure Mind For Sin"



  • This episode contains themes & Parodies of Books, such as a white whale being a parody of Moby Dick, the Mouse & The Motorcycle, a Jack & Jill parody called "Fun with Bill & Claire", a wizard that is most likely a parody of Harry Potter, Shakespeare, the book Green Eggs & Hams is even mentioned.
  • The giant reptilian resembling Early in Rusty's Story may be a Parody of Godzilla or resembling the Early Dragon in Squidbillies Volume Two DVD Dragonbillies feature.
  • The Japanese & Yellow Creature make a small cameos running away from Early as a Godzilla Parody in the background in a fantasy sequence their designs are taken from "Condition: Demolition!".
  • Patrick Swayze (imposter) makes a another cameo appearance in this episode at the book-fair in The VFW.
  • The Moby Dick Version of Rusty breaks the fourth wall by saying during a large amount of 1 second text on screen for a second saying "Buy Squidbillies Volume Two on DVD. It features twenty new episodes and is loaded with extras, like behind the scenes footage & creator commentaries. Don't bother looking for it on blue-ray, though. That's a pipe dream. And if you're in a major retailer, you'll find it on the bottom shelf, probably behind Spensor: For Hire. Double check, it's definitely there. I put it on the top shelf, but when I came back they had moved it back to the bottom. Also, please kill the Eskimo that's hunting me. He want to use my fat to heat his home. What kind of animal does that? Completely uncivilized?", this refers to the DVD release of Squidbillies Volume Two.
  • The Authors, Mark Twain, Jack Kerouac, and Robert Ludlum are mentioned by Dean Koontz, explaining how they all can't read.
  • Russell was most likely arrested for murder after he shot Dean, Early & Sheriff to save the book fair by the use of a evil mastermind.