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The Okaleechee Dam Jam is the Seventeenth episode from the third season of Squidbillies. It first aired on May 18, 2008 on [Adult Swim].


When Dougal County is forced to conserve water due to a drought, Dan Halen enacts a complicated plan to get all the water he needs.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Cowboy Hat"
  • "Lifeguard Hat"
  • "Line Dances Do It!! In A Line"
  • "Guns Don't Kill People, I Do!!!"


Guest Appearances[]



  • This is the first appearance of Ellis in the series.
    • Also this is his only appearance in Season 3.
    • In some previous episodes, he wasn't seen working at The Jiggle Hut.
  • At The Jiggle Hut, Glenn's Wife is seen dating Shawn Coleman it is not ex-husband or her real husband Glenn.
  • Dan Halen is showed to have monitors of many characters at the strip club dancing foreshadowing his plan shown later in the episode.
  • Granny & Krystal are seen doing a wed t-shirt contest, Granny used water balloons for breasts which popped thanks to Krystal.
  • Rusty is seen holding a magazine saying "Think before you Drink", with a picture of a living tree truck & his tongue out.
  • Despite David Allan Coe's appearance in the episode, his name is left uncredited in the episode's credits.
  • Patrick Swayze (imposter) makes a Cameo in the audience.
  • The stadium audience is taken from "Double Truckin' the Tricky Two", "Webnecks", "The Appalachian Mud Squid: Darwin's Dilemma", & "Condition: Demolition!".
  • This is the second episode where a massive flood hits Dougal County first being the Season 3 premiere "Webnecks".
    • Like that episode, where a flood happened when the dam exploded off-screen, the flood happens thanks to the bombs that go off by the giant Dougal County Dam, since water is going on a drought.
  • The Sheriff cloning farm returns again only for the farm to be drowned in the massive flood.
    • Most stadium audience disappear when the Dam floods the stadium.
  • The song "Bin Laden Boot Scoot", and the mention to Al-Qaeda by David Allan Coe are references to the Al-Qaeda muslim group from Afghanistan and their decased leader "Osama Bin Laden" are referenced in this episode.