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The Peep is the fourth episode from the tenth season of Squidbillies. It first aired on September 13, 2015 on [adult swim]


Sherrif takes a stab at stand-up comedy and fails miserably. 

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Booty Hunter"



  • The full version of Steve Raven's song "The Peep", can be heard on the Squidbillies album "Double Platnum Gold"
  • A character that debuts in this episode known as "Strange Hal Spankovic" makes an appearance, parodying song artist "Weird Al Yankovic".
    • According to Dave Willis, they wanted Al to voice the character but his reps declined much to his and Al's disappointment.[1] Al would later cover the show's theme song in the episode "Tortuga de Mentiras".
  • In flashbacks Sheriff would use a see-through freezer bag to act like the Unknown Comic (A man with a paper bag on his head), he would act like a comedian, this was too dangerous his father forced him to law enforcement.
  • Steve Ravens is revealed to perform at the VFW. 
  • Sheriff Sr. who is first seen in flashback "A Walk To Dignity" is confirm to have past away, probably some time after Sheriff becomes an arm of law in Dougal County.
    • Sheriff's father makes another appearance in a flashback & he is currently floating in heaven as an angel.  
  • The date September 8th is mentioned, meaning this episode takes place before this day. 
  • President Richard Nixon is briefly mentioned, only referred to as "Nixon."
  • The Thin Bank Employee's original design is seen in this episode, this is it's only appearance (including last) in the later seasons, as he is replaced with a new design.
  • This is the first appearance of the Zombie Citizen since "Velvet Meissah".
  • Apparently the reason why Sheriff entered heaven with his father is because he was acting like his gun was a microphone but shot himself he eventfully did this two times in row with the latter being that his past memories confirmed him not to be a funny person or a comedian.
  • This is another episode in which the credits are different. 


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