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The Reenactment of the Repulsion of the Siege of Cuyler Mountain is the fourth episode from the twelfth season of Squidbillies. It aired on August 25th, 2019 on [adult swim]


Early discovers a priceless civil war relic and sells it for the right price.


The Siege of Cuyler Mountain is a civil war battle that took place in Dougal County, in which one of Early's relatives defended the mountain where the Cuylers lived with a single cannonball. To verify this, Sheriff introduces Early to his friend podcast co-host Ollie who also runs an ancient evaluation activity. The boy is familiar with all the local history and agrees to re-enact the scene after purchasing the cannonball from Early for $ 50. Unfortunately, the performance does not go as planned and Ollie ends up being killed in the process.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Booty Hunter" 
  • War Hat (pussy Hunter)


Theme Song Performer[]

  • Tony Tidwell


  • This episode's title is one of the longest titles in the show's history.
  • The Cuyler House is briefly seen in this episode.
  • The wooden baseball bat from "Wing Nut", the tote bag from "Asses to Ashes, Sluts to Dust", the engine from "Double Truckin' the Tricky Two", the chip bag from "Ballmart", one of the squash dolls from "Squash B'Gosh", the one dressed as a pirate can be seen, and a Mexican green shirt, piñata and Semeraro from "Armageddon It On!" appear in the recycling ditch, filled with swarms of flies, at the beginning of the episode along with various objects such as a mailbox, a drum, radios, trash bags, chairs, car batteries, a bicycle, wheel, tires, dice, a microphone, whiskey bottles, beer cans and boxes.
  • Early pours motor oil in the trash and then sets its on fire with a match, which the smoke rises up to the sky, explaining that Jesus turns into white fluffy clouds. Rusty claimed that recycling works that way. Rusty throws a tire and Early throws a white object into the mess.
  • When the fire is lighted up in the recycling ditch, the object that previously had motor oil in it that Early was carrying disappears in the next shot.
  • The cannonball was underneath a tire, and is worth 50$.
  • Granny thought the relic cannonball was a jade egg, which you put up "your Vajayjay." She then claimed that it was time for a "spiritual detox."
  • Granny squeezes into the cannonball, and a bowling ball. When Early takes Granny out of the former, she has some ink on it. In later scenes, all of the ink disappears from the cannonball.
  • Jefferson Beauxregard Cuyler is officially revealed to the viewers, as he is the great-granddaddy of Early, who is Rusty's stepbrother, who defended a mountain from a Union brigade for two straight days, and he used noting but a cannonball. Jefferson is also shown next to the confederate flag. The cannonball is over 18 pounds, and looks like a six-inch bore. He killed over 150 men from Bill Sherman's army with the cannonball, by dropping on their heads like a "big ol' coconut" after climbing up a tree, for two strange months in the dead of winter.
  • Rusty asked if Early if they are gonna donate the cannonball to the museum, which indicates that Dougal County has a museum.
  • When Rusty on top of Sheriff's police car, he claims that the "The South's gonna rise again!"
  • Early mentions that they are staging a reenactment, as he is hitting his police car with his 12 gauge shotgun, and the car is claimed to be a "yankee."
  • Early mentioned that he has been trying to explode the cannonball all morning.
  • Themes of the Civil War are used throughout the episode due to the relic cannonball being sold, which Early thought was a relic of the confederacy, and the VFW having its own antique show, Sheriff's buddy Ollie, who owns a "Ollie's Odds & Ends" store, full of war items, and sells relics, due to being a expert on the Civil War.
  • Rusty thought Bill Sherman dropped Early's cannonball, on his march to burn up Atlanta, which never burned. Granny claimed that Atlanta was a false flag operation.
  • Randy is one of the people that attend the VFW in the episode.
  • All of the Civil War flashbacks are in black, white and gray monochrome, which all take place in 1864 in fog.
  • Sheriff and Ollie have their own podcast equipment, to set up a episode, which the equipment is in a box. A computer, a microphone and headphones are seen. Sheriff mentioned that he left the windscreen back at his house. Ollie mentions it as the "Podcast of Northern Aggression."
  • Ollie mentions that he is the author of three self-published e-books of the Civil War.
  • When Sheriff turns presses a button on a computer keyboard, American-themed music can be heard on it.
  • Ollie claims that Sheriff is a "pitiful producer."
  • Early mentions his full name in this episode. "Earlan Jubal Stonewall Cuyler". He also calls his cannonball "The Sherman slayer."
  • When Early explains the cannonball on the podcast, Sheriff scoots his chair.
  • According to Early, Jefferson had a whole arsenal of balls, which were a magic ball, to hit people in the head and returned back to him, just like a boomerang, and he could shake the ball, which had a lite window in it like a 8 ball, that would pop up and tell him where the opposing troops was. His other balls were a spiked ball, a portal themed cube, and a goldfish in a bowl, shaped like a ball.
  • The Cuyler's outhouse is buried in dirt, next to a bunch of holes in the ground, due to the Cuyler family trying to find more cannonballs that could be buried underneath the ground by sifting through the ground, but weren't so successful.
  • Sheriff says "And we'll cover the whole enchilada live on the podcast", when talking about the upcoming reenactment, since Ollie investigated the "Repulsion of the Siege of Cuyler Mountain", after a certain incident that merits an reenactment.
  • When Ollie says "your little battle", he pulls up two of his fingers, which questions Early, asking why he does that with his fingers.
  • Granny is seen spray painting America-styled shoes and bowling balls.
  • Deputy Denny mentions about a smash-and-grab at the blowing alley last night, Sheriff told him to keep his face down because of the reenactment of dead soldiers, and claims that Ollie would tear him a new one if he sees them, serving as corpses, chit-chatting, like they are doing.
  • Sheriff presses a button connected to a smoke machine for the reenactment.
  • One of the eyes of a man dressed soldier is opened before closing his eye shut. An another soldier opens his eyes during the reenactment and then closes his eyes. When Rusty approaches a soldier for the cannonball, he opens one of his eyes.
  • In the reenactment, Rusty fills the role of Jefferson, where he comes out of a log, finds the cannonball from a soldier, reenacted as a dead corpse with spaghetti sauce and noodle acting as blood in his body, and claims "this cast-iron ball should fetch a pretty penny", "And I'll in town and spend my two bits on a lady of ill repute, filling her with" his "crippling" gonorrhea. He rolled the ball for two days straight, all the way from Lexington, while he has "mighty" hankering for food and then starts opening his rucksack, but no salted pork, no hardtack, but a soldier coat, which he boiled it in muddy creek water, due to being uneducated, making for a thin nutritional gruel for him, called "rebel broth", which Granny claims that is her secret family recipe. When Jefferson drank lead from the coat button, which leeched into his mind and body, and then spent his final hours hallucinating that he was Rififi, the Queen of the Birds, trying to hatch an egg, which was the cannonball. Jefferson was killed from a combination of lead poisoning and an easily-curable infection gotten from self-pleasuring with a poison sumac leaf. Its unknown if Jefferson really died this way, since this was a reenactment, however, this event could have actually happened.
    • Also in this reenactment, Jefferson killing Bill Sherman's army with the cannonball doesn't happen.
    • Early mentioned that Ollie skipped a scene where Jefferson fought a union battalion for two months in the dead of winter in the reenactment, since this event never happened, in Ollie's words and he didn't do that in the reenactment.
  • Its unknown what happened to Ollie's horse when he entered the red car, before Ollie was killed in the red from an explosion of the cannonball. However, the horse is heard running away when he enters the vehicle.
  • At the end of the episode, owl noises can be heard at night, while Granny cooks her "rebel broth" stew, which isn't good without a coat, while Sheriff takes off his coat into the stew, as he claims that he is done with the Civil War and Ollie, due to the latter's death, and mentioned that the podcast is over.
  • After slurping "rebel broth", Early, Granny and Sheriff are dress in bird costumes, with beaks attached to their faces, saying "caw, caw" sounds similar to Rififi. Sheriff''s eyes notably change from black to red.
  • Like the pervious episode "Muscadine Wine", this episode doesn't have a usual credit sequence.

References & Allusions[]

  • In the trash, a radio based off Cheyenne Cinnamon and the Fantabulous Unicorn of Sugar Town Candy Fudge can be seen. This radio previously appeared in "Double Truckin' the Tricky Two."
  • Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, was mentioned by Granny, claiming that he was a crisis actor. Early also mentioned Lincoln's last name.
  • Early reveals that he has a authentic Mountain Dew bottle from 1865 from a box.
  • General Robert E. Lee is mentioned again, as Early found his personal tree root. Early appraises all of it being 50$.