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The Tiniest Princess is the seventh episode from the second season of Squidbillies. It first aired on October 29, 2006 on [Adult Swim].


On Halloween night the family confronts the local monsters.


Early and Rusty are ready to go to trick-or-treating for Halloween, but Granny's stories of a giant fire-ant man scares Rusty. Unfortunately, the legend is real, but it ruins Halloween.


Guest Appearances[]


  • This is the very first Halloween themed episode in the series. With the second one being "Squash B'Gosh".
    • This is also the very first episode to be entirely set at night.
  • The three monsters that appear on Halloween night are Hellish Jay, Skyler, and Counter Of The Mounter Tain.
    • Seemly Granny knows the existence of the first two, Sheriff is aware of the third, and latter monster.
    • The Counter Of The Mounter Tain is only monster to not have died in any sort of way in the episode.
  • Lil has no lines in the episode, as she is tied up on a rope over a campfire.
  • At the beginning of the episode, the shadows of Rusty's costume resembles a squid like monster.
    • Also sounds of crickets, and a wolf sound are heard.
  • The costumes seen in the episode are Early's Frankenstein's Monster themed hat, Rusty dresses as a princess called "The Tiniest Princess", and Sheriff dresses up as a baby. (Claiming that monsters can't hurt babies, but was wrong.)
  • This is the first episode of the series where Early doesn't wear a Trucker Hat. Despite this, Early does wear a Jack 'O Lantern upside down, and a Frankenstein's Monster Hat.
  • Granny has her own sound effects record, which plays the sounds of a woman screaming, a boing sound, a burp, and a firework.
  • Glenn's Wife, Boyd, Evan, and Troy, and the Zombie Citizen all make cameos in this episode in Halloween themed stories.
    • When Boyd is eaten by The Counter Of The Mounter Tain, half of his body is reduced to a skeleton, however his head shape remains intact. (presumably his beard too.)
  • Their is a creepy fire ant with a leaf, and living calculator monster appear in Halloween themed stories.
  • This episode reveals that Rusty has a fake shotgun (which is broken, but tied up with tape) when trick or tricking, and needs a blow-dryer, and a curling iron, Early has dynamite (which later blows up the Cuyler House), Early also blows red powder called "Unmagical chili powder" into Rusty's eyes (mistaken it for magic fairy dust), and washes his eyes with a kettle. Skyler states that he is better if he sucked down some blood shooters (in realty, its body shots). Early (Early's phone is colored black), and Hellish Jay (his phone is colored pink) have their own cellphones. Hellish Jay, and Skyler can revive as ghosts, but end up having sex, and the Counter of the Mounter Tain eats his victims, by counting over 36 times (by eating Boyd), and even showing its ability to transform into other characters such as Early, and the guitar man from an album.
  • The Sheriff has some experiences with Hellish Jay. as he is close to him, such as letting him smoke a cigarette, the both of them are seen holding hands together in a grassy field of flowers, both appear in a seat of a Ferris wheel at the carnival, and holding cotton candy, and the two have sex in the police car together, but left three days later instead of Hellish Jay going to a trip to Costa Rica with the Sheriff, and he hasn't heard from Hellish Jay since, except that he got a refund on the tickets, a plane is seen in the scene, and left a huge bite mark on Sheriff's body offscreen.
  • The dead bodies of Hellish Jay, and Skyler disappear in some scenes during the campfire, but reappear near the end of the episode when Early, Russell, and Sharif left the campfire.
  • Despite the house of the Cuyler House being destroyed by the explosions from some dynamite from Early, in order to blow up the monsters, the house remains intact at the end of the episode.
  • The man that the Counter Of The Mounter Tain transformed into was from the album "Bocephus", as commands from Granny.
  • This episode was produced before the episode, "Meth O.D. to My Madness". But this episode aired after it.

References & Allusions[]

  • Early has a hat based off the famous Frankenstein's monster.
  • Tetris is mentioned on Early's phone, though mentioned as "Tet-ris".
  • The album "Bocephus" is a reference to the nickname given to Hank Williams Jr.
  • The "69er's" playing the "Packers" on Monday night football are mentioned by Ruby at the end of the episode.