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The Unbearable Heatness of Fire is the Eleventh episode from the third season of Squidbillies. It first aired on April 6, 2008 on [Adult Swim].


The Sheriff investigates the cause of a fire that claims the Cuyler home.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Didn't Ask, Don't Tell"



  • At the beginning of the episode, when the house is lighted on fire, Granny is still on the burning roof and jumped out of the window while she grabbed a picture.
  • Rusty mentions he has a book of memories, which Early told him to leave it, and keep them in his heart, and then he mentions the time the family went to rat world down in Orlando way. Though, Rusty claims that he didn't take him to rat world, which Early has no proof of that now, which he can't neither confirm or deny how he sacrificed for them youngers.
  • Rusty is revealed to have a cracked glass photo of Tennis Players, which is an African-American family consisting of three woman and one father, which Granny knows how much Rusty loved the picture. According to Rusty, he always enjoyed tennis times they had with the family that came with the photo album. Early then claimed "them was fun times we had with the" and calls the African-American family; a "black family" that played tennis all of the time. Granny thinks the dad pushes all the three girls "too hard" despite being successful and questions if they are really happy.
  • When Early heads into the burning house to recuse Aunt Lil, Granny, while holding the tennis photo, asks "Where's Bill", presumably referring to someone's name or mispronounced Lil's name as "Bill."
  • When Early grabs a burning red towel, the photo disappears in the next shot of Granny and for the rest of the episode.
  • After Early grabs a red towel and his soda cans, Granny thanks the Lord and claims that he saved The SA.
  • Early rushes back to the now burned down house for his pillow-top mattress.
  • Interestingly, the family's outhouse and Lil's "P-nuts and hairdo's" sign were the only objects that weren't burned down.
  • The lightbulb from the episodes "This Show Is Called Squidbillies" and "Rebel with a Claus" reappears.
  • The Sheriff is writing on a notepad with a pencil for any property that was burned down.
  • When the house burned down, pillow-top mattress was reducted to a pile of pine straw soaked in Kerosene by the house's fire.
  • Early mentions his massage remote "was a total loss", while he holds a pinecone with some small fire on its small branch and throws it and claims its "ruined!"
  • Sheriff flips the page on the notepad and lists "Bad company '10 from '6 tape." Which Early lists "Cassette Dolby."
  • Granny pushes a notepad paper into Sheriff's face for his notepad. He later lists Cale Yarbrough's original bones and "one hope" diamond to the "hope" diamond on display briefly, and doesn't even know if flames would burn a diamond, though the flames may have shot it somewhere like a rocket. Early doesn't know since he isn't a fireman.
  • Sheriff notes the Meth Lab is Rusty's "science fair project" that survived the fire and its effects the growth of nearby marijuana plants while Early covers up the lab with a shower certain.
  • Lil mentions that a drive-thru window will be opened by 6:00.
  • Sheriff lists "eight or nine ski-doos", though mentioned with the numbers ten, twelve, fifteen and twelve, which is mentioned again by Early and Granny and top of the line, which is only the best for his family. Then more things are listed
    • Granny: "High-performance."
    • Rusty: "cooler under the seat."
    • Early: "Smokin' far gravity."
    • Granny: "Racin' stripes."
    • Early: "Cherry red", which every "damn" one of them stacked back there in the Marina. Though, Sharif claims they don't have a marina and Early assumes that the fire taken the marina and tells Sharif to put it on the list.
  • One of the Meth hogs from "Meth O.D. to My Madness" makes a cameo in this episode.
  • When Granny asks about the check to cut them and front them with money, he claims that he will write up a report, investigate, insurance cuts a check and they rebuild the house, while ignoring code and using interior materials like from last Tuesday and Granny claims that the lord releases his anger on his house again to mid-next week or his smiteful wrath could maybe try to hold off till the weekend.
  • Sheriff reveals that he is scheduled to get a perm on Wednesday and a humidity plays hell on his hair with the activator.
    • He is also bothered by a gas leak without any utilities in the house.
    • Though, Early answers "good ol' natural mountain gas" and tells him to pull his finger, despite having tentacles or give him a tug, but only funny to him.
  • Rusty is nicknamed "Russell Donny Russell."
  • When Sheriff mentions that he has a theory of the house on fire, Early thought evolution was a theory, but the fossils were a Jesusly ruse to throw the "nonbeliever" off a sin and Granny claims she didn't come from an monkey's butthole.
  • The house's fire started with a already lit primitive butane torch, that burned down everything and reptilians aliens (also called "Snake people") burned the house downwards with a laser after their UFO arrived and wrap speeds around 2:00.
    • Early also burned down the house with a match, as shown television from a tape, though he claims that it was a hologram crafted by aliens in space to connive him out of his rightful thinking it was snake people from the skies, which were responsible for the house burning down.
  • Rusty is seen holding a red laser pointer and pointing a small red dot around Sheriff's face, telling him to stop, though, he continues to point the dot at him.
  • Sheriff has a realistic drawing of the reptilian aliens, which can steal water, as shown when the UFO steals a water dispenser after Glenn squirts water into a party hat and then drinks it.
  • Interestingly, the building that the UFO steals a water dispenser has the same office where Glenn works at, suggesting that this office is located in a separate building from Dan Halen Sheet Rock International.
  • Sheriff dresses as one of the reptilian aliens, and leaves a stain on the suit when drinking a coffee cup.
  • Granny states "you was GNA torch the place insurance money", referring to something else.
  • The things that Early needed to protect the house from the reptilian aliens (or snake people) are battening down the doors with a hammer and assume defense positions, while Early mentions that they are going to barbecue some alien-lizard-ass-meat as he pushes the stove to the door.
    • The latter has Rusty grab out of weapons such as the 12 gauge shotgun, including Rusty's shotgun from "The Tiniest Princess", bullets and knives from a hole from a basement underneath Lil.
    • Lil's face lifted out of the hole foreshadows a future episode in the show's fifth season.
    • Lil isn't seen in the episode after this.
  • One of the reptilian aliens says "by the lords of Govron, they covered the windows in plywood" when one of their windows is seen.
  • One of the reptilian aliens seen in this episode is named "Mike", and he also has a hologram on the monitor screen of the house and the three Cuyler's are seen in it, the screen switches to night sky.
  • When one of the aliens asks why the Cuyler family can't move because Mike states that they think the aliens are after their water, while the former alien states its such a "Lizard-alien stereotype." When asked if they can torch the house, like they did last time, the former alien agrees, since they have a easement with the county.
    • Dan Halen also claims that the easement has been put on a fast track and the squids won't rebuild the house again.
  • The Dougal County Courthouse is seen, Sheriff, dressed as a lizard alien costume, pulling out a easement for the Cuyler's land, written in lizard-alien language, and Dan Halen then appears, who calls Sheriff's costume "San Diago Kamikan."
  • Dan Halen has a red container with white handles (or box) with human arms for Sheriff, which the former picks one out, calling them "divine" and eats one of the fingers of a human arm after dipping it in sauce and claims that the meat is falling off the bone. Dan also doesn't understand why the Sheriff is speaking in noises that are caption as "mmmh", "hmmm" to "mnh-hmm." He tells him that he will see Sheriff at "Gecko Plains."
  • A small reptilian alien is seen into the Sheriff's head in a dragon costume, which is a fake Sheriff and the costume is gunned down and destroyed by Early, Rusty and Granny. Sheriff is also accidently killed by Rusty in the process.
    • When Granny guns down Sheriff's costume, she says to "shoot the venom sac!" and claims that its in the nuts.
    • Sheriff claimed that the alien took over his mind, suggesting that these aliens can take over human minds.
  • Early burns down his house with a lighter.
  • Its unknown how Early and Rusty are looking at the reptilian aliens, as show on the monitor, due to them staring at the screen and the next screen shows them looking at their UFO. They tell to engage cloaking, "The Cloaking" which is the invisible thing and claimed that its the "smart package."
    • The UF0's speaker is also on when the former alien yells "Crap!" to the Cuyler and zoom away, only to can back.
  • The green orb throwed by the aliens' UFO to blow up and burn the Cuyler House and the land of Dougal County, which turns into a large golf course, is taken from an another alien-themed episode, which is "Bubba Trubba", albeit green instead of red.
  • The large golf course seen at the end of the episode is called "Gecko Plains", where the reptilian aliens and Dan Halen go golfing at, Early and Rusty ride a golf kart around the track, Sheriff has two faces and Granny appears.
    • Speaking of the two faces, he claimed its a graft from his own hip, that is attached with snaps, saying that it looks just like his old face in six to eight months and thanks God to be alive, despite his injury.
    • He also grabs a leave when it falls near Dan's golf ball.
    • When Dan is rolling his golf ball to the hole, Sheriff and Granny tell the ball to go and Dan says to himself "bring daddy home a victory on the fiddler's green."
    • The episode ends when Sheriff tells Dan to "get there" to grab the ball and walk away with it and tells them "that's a gimme."

References & Allusions[]

  • Early reveals that he has cans of his University of Georgia 1980 National Championship Special-Edition Junkyard dog red soda, the cans have images of a head of a bulldog on it, the year "1980" and the word "Champs", which is a reference to the Georgia Bulldogs, a real-world football team that was previously referenced in the episode "The Good One."
  • Sheriff mentioned that Early had the original bones for Cale Yarbrough, who is a real-world American mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter.
    • Early mentioned tragedy of never sharing the bones with Sharif, though the latter does mention that he is still alive, but Early claims that he wasn't here in the fire.