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"This Show Is Called Squidbillies" is the first episode from the first season of Squidbillies. It first aired on October 16th, 2005 on [Adult Swim].


The backstory for the series, focusing on Rusty's conception and childhood leading to his reunion with his father, Early.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Here's The Beef"
  • "Breathe If You're Horny"


Guest Stars[]


  • This episode is officially known as the first episode of Squidbillies, though the original Rough Cut Pilot aired on April 1, 2005.

  • This episode marks the first appearance of several locations in the series, such as the Gas Station, a Sheriff's Office and a Prison, oddly, the first and latter look extremely different in appearance, compare to later episodes, where the location's design changes in appearance.
  • This is one of few episodes not to have an Early truck opening, making this episode the first one to do this.
  • According to the Narrator, after exiting out the dance studio, the Sheriff would die of emphysema for three years from now.
  • During the Baby Hammock and Baby Death Trap commercials, the commercials are shown to be in live-action, as the footage does show a live action woman and her infant for the commercial, this is one the first times this is shown in the series.
  • Several unnamed characters that exclusively appear in this episode, are a live-action mother and baby, also seen next to a magical electromonkey toy in the Death Trap commercial, a infant's parents in the jury, a voice heard in the said commercial, a judge and several unnamed people attend the jury for the Baby Hammock, Snakeman kills a man, which the Narrator couldn't see who he was talking to. but it didn't matter, an arm of a man who tells Early to get off his porch, after he is licking and dating his pumpkin, a man holding a lighter inside the body of Krystal and unnamed men from the band Rush, which are Christian Danley and Lane Grayson, playing the guitars, in Rusty's dream, with their heads not shown onscreen.
    • A Crow is first seen flying in the beginning of the episode, this bird is a recurring animal that often appears in the background of many episodes.
  • This episode, "Office Politics Trouble" and "Pile M For Murder", are the only episodes in the show to feature Space Baby.
  • When Billy Morton hops next to Sheriff, he states that his daddy whittled some fine limbs to his son.
  • After Billy's football drops to the ground, the narrator mentions that "They're taking playoffs this year."
  • Billy states that he better get to practice and Sharif told him to stay sweet, before being hit by a truck.
  • When Billy Morton is hit by a truck, his football then disappears, which Billy kicked on the road and only his wooden planks and stick arms are seen, on the road, and Sharif says "oh, damn, there goes the season", and then continues to ballet. Sheriff doesn't even try to stop this truck driver.
    • The wooden planks and sticks was then hit by an another car on the road.
  • Singing can be heard saying various things such as "Earlie Kyler was a young squid, young squid with his ho mama"
    • "A time, a time boy now doing time".
    • "Little baby boy Rusty and she raised him up at best she could", and the words "boredom and loneliness" being repeated. Then words sign "its lonely, when you're with your Granny."
      • Later on, "boredom and loneliness" is heard when Rusty is walking in the forest alone.
      • Later in the episode, when the seen cuts to Snakeman and a few prisoners, "Let's just put him here" and "It will be fun" is heard and the Narrator says "ok, sure, put him here."
  • Krystal mentioned that he is gonna love him till the mountains, and the oceans, collide with the sun, and like, everything on the Earth's dead except for him and her and their love. Krystal also hits Early when he was going to touch her front butt, unless she gets one of them sport radio things with the ear buds and the autoreverse.
    • She then mentions that she can't be "joggin' and flippin'" tapes and drink her sip. Technically, she isn't seen doing this until the episode "Class of '86", where she is seen jogging for the first time.
  • One of the Walkmans that Early brought was $34 dollars, if he got any, Early these gives back the money to from cash register, which Early called a "robot box", that Boyd gave him in a attempt to rob the store, to cover. Early then puts on his brown paper hat and gunpoint's him by telling him that "ain't no Early here" and tells him to give him all of the money that he has, so Boyd doesn't get hurt by Early, as he told him.
  • After Early leaves Boyd's Convenience Store, via door, Early thanked Boyd and told Boyd that he would see him in church, which is oddly mentioned as Boyd isn't seen in church in the earlier seasons of the show, and the church doesn't even appear until the episode "Giant Foam Dickhat Trouble."
  • When Early heads to the junkyard to find Krystal and Snakeman in a outhouse/community toilet having sex, a shooting star appears in the sky, just before the scene.
    • Early called Krystal "baby doll" and asked if he could marry him.
  • Early was arrested for using his 12 gauge shotgun to gunpoint Boyd in his Convenience Store, while trying to rob Boyd, obviously for getting the wrong tape cassette for his Walkman to bring for Krystal, who he originally wanted to marry, and was placed in prison for fifteen years.
    • Krystal called the Walkman a "tape player", mentions "flip tapes" she knows, and misspells it as "flappin' cake tape capes."
    • The name of the tape was called "Camper Van Who Billy", but Early wanted the tape "Bad Company", "10 From 6" instead.
  • Early mentions "oh, what about a damn headache powder", as he is referring to a headache powder.
  • When Early looks at Sheriff a few times, when robbing the store, Sheriff is seen holding a crate of shopping items and has brown hair, which could be a wig or former hair.
  • In prison, a prisoners tells Early to "1 and 2 and 3 and twirl", but stops him since he twirls on 4 and the prisoner tells him to do it again.
    • Early: "This ain't gon' be worth a damn."
  • Krystal's watch says "0. 12. 14.", as she was Early's dear fiancée that waited for him for 12.14 seconds, and Krystal mentioned that the watch got a jog timer and she is gonna be a jogger.
  • Krystal's marriage happens in the junkyard with Snakeman, who she kisses, and the Reverend appears on the outhouse/community toilet.
    • Reverend: "And with this free one year subscription digital watch, I now pronounce you man of snakeage descent and-" and then says "Lordy."
  • Unbeknownst to Early, The Narrator stated Krystal was carrying the fruit of Early's efforts, which was the fetus of Rusty, to be born, not the man trapped inside Krystal's body.
  • The truck that Snakeman rides, which can carry Krystal, reappears in the episode "Sharif." When Snakeman drives away with Krystal, the latter told her to "go, go, go, go, go."
  • The empty chicken bucket that baby Rusty is carried in, later reappears in the episodes "The Appalachian Mud Squid: Darwin's Dilemma" and "Reunited, And It Feels No Good."
    • Krystal is also holding a chicken leg from that chicken bucket.
  • After Lil drops a baby Rusty out of the chicken bucket, Rusty cries and his crying sound effect was used in an episode of an another Adult Swim series called 12 oz. Mouse, heard by Mouse Fitzgerald's daughter in the eighth episode of the show; "Bowtime", which aired as the premiere of the second season of the show in 2006.
  • Rusty knows how to use a hair dryer and to shampoo for Sheriff's own hair.
  • When the Sheriff asked Lil that moonshine is illegal in the county, when he was looking at the said Meth Lab, she is watching television.
  • Lil is revealed to ran a beauty parlor / boiled peanutery off 575, and Rusty shampooed the Sheriff with over half a million dollars of crystal meth, which the latter explains Sheriff's death, before Lil brings out her chainsaw, letting blood splatter everywhere, including Rusty, this obviously leaded to the state stepping in and they placed Rusty in a more positive environment.
    • Sheriff claimed that the meth lab looked like a mortal eye of God collapsing into itself with the insatiable color of the soul forever warmed in never-ending oneness, which Sharif starts talking faster and speaks gibberish.
      • Sheriff: "And listen, that's not to reject the one, 'cause I", "I'm saved."
    • One of the Sheriff's eyes then falls out of his eye socket.
  • Unlike later episodes of the show, Granny is shown living at a nursing home, not the Cuyler House and she isn't seen having dinner at the dinner table later on.
  • According to Granny, when she was little, they didn't fancy ketchup, but only had regular ketchup, and she mentions that they used to make it out in the back with opossum tails, and they only just called it blood.
  • When Rusty tries to leave his grandmother, she tells herself that she will have a Mongolian beef, side order or sow chow chicken, spring vegetable, and tells herself that she doesn't want any sesame seeds in it and the princess rolls. Rusty then stated "yeah, well, that's nice", and tells her that he gotta get on out of the the building and told her to that he would see her later.
  • Granny mentions that God's truth when Jesus was president, he ate babies all the time, while Rusty tries to open the door to leave, then Granny asks if this was Satan, and one of them ate babies. Rusty then ends up leaving via jumping out of the window of the nursing home and after that Granny eats up screaming, and then states that she just had a gigasm.
  • Before being attacked by the wolves, while raised by them, Rusty almost committed suicide via shotgun, but saved one of the wolves. They also taught him to ride a bike, go to bed so the tooth fairy would come and bring him money, and learning where wolf pups come from the mother wolf before he ended up exploding the forest and killed the wolf pack with "300 pounds of nitroglycerin" in his body.
  • Rusty mentioned that Granny appeared in his dream that featured Rush, but wasn't seen, and Rusty said that he yelled "Show me your tatas!", and told her that she done it, and he liked it.
  • Lil mentioned that Rusty was "butt-ass naked", which Rusty knows that he "ain't" and discovers it, the Narrator then mentions "dream" to switch to an another dream.
  • Yellow Creature makes his first appearance in the show in this episode, where he is being humped by Rusty, which actually happened, according to the Narrator.
  • The next scene shows Rusty walking on a path and the Narrator stated it "this looks real."
  • The prisoners are seen using pickaxes, while being chained up, aside from Early and Snakeman, over three prisoners are seen. Early, who is reunited with Rusty, and Snakeman are later unchained by the Sheriff (wearing big purple glasses and holding a large shotgun behind his back) using his tall key, the latter then eats Sheriff.
  • A lightbulb can be seen on the celling, this lightbulb reappears again in "Rebel with a Claus."
  • At dinner, Rusty mentioned that he "got's" a date with a girl named "Tanya" tonight, but it's the same night that he supposed have with an another date with an another girl named "Tara" and neither one of them that he knows that he is a squid. These people, Tanya and Tara are never mentioned again after this episode, and it's unknown who are these people, and they are never seen in the show.
  • When asking Early what he is going to do for the supposed dates on the same night, Early told his son Rusty to come over to him and sit on his knee, and tells him that he thinks that he is safe over there hiding behind them Hispanics.
  • Near the end of the episode, Early shows Rusty his own demon tattoo with a red demon like creature with two heads and eyes in the back of it, which is never seen again after this episode. Early also tells Rusty that the tattoo means that the minute he turns his back, he is gonna beat him. Early then starts to beat his son with a table leg after lifting away the dinner table and chair, telling him that he is gonna beat his ass in the yard with no guards gonna stop him, but Rusty tells to stop it. Lil then stops this, asking him he knows his own kin.
  • When Lil stops Early from beating his son Rusty and then tells him that he is home, not inside jail, and his boy Rusty, he previously mentions that some boys like syrup, but he likes jelly.
  • Flashbacks of this episode appear in the episode "Burned and Reburned Again."
  • Some of the continuity established in this episode is actually abandoned in later episodes of the show such as the episode "Trackwood Race-ist." The said episode retconned some of the pilot's continuity such as Early being trapped in prison for fifteen years and Rusty being left at home with Lil Cuyler, and later on being raised by a pack of wolves for the next 11 years, which happened to be a dream. The same flashback shows an younger version of Rusty was asking his father Early to join the Woody Scouts.
  • This is one the few episodes where the Narrator narratives the entire episode.
  • The show's upcoming final episode is going to called “This Show Was Called Squidbillies”, in reference to the pilot episode.

References & Allusions[]

  • The shape of Sheriff's fleshy face resembles Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.