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This Show Was Called Squidbillies is the ninth episode of the thirteenth season and the series finale of Squidbillies. It first aired on December 12th, 2021 on [adult swim].


Farewell to America's favorite animated family.

Episode Summary[]

Granny's death leads to a Cuyler family fallout when Rusty decides to marry Tammi and move away.


At Ballmart, Tammi is on her first date with Bobby, who is so glad to fit this date while during his break, as he gives Tammi flowers, which the latter thanks him for. Tammi then states that "It's tough being single", especially in this town, Leroy then comes over to state that he is single, but was told by Bobby to roll around. Bobby then tells her that he likes this vibe between the both of them but asks Tammi about the deal with her and "Mr. Squid", which Tammi corrects to be Rusty, stating that their is nothing romantic between the both of them and that they're just friends, who have a baby that they're raising together, which Bobby thinks is weird as he shows her a video of herself and Rusty canoodling by the claw machine, grabbing more than "stuffies" from what he can tell. When Tammi asks how Bobby got that on his cellphone, the latter then assumes that the former thinks that he is a stalker and asks if that is what she is saying or not, as she was told to look because it is their first date, and please to "don't be another psycho", Tammi then gets angry as "This right here ain't happening", as she walks away from the table and Bobby. Leroy then moves pass Bobby and the table to ask Tammi if she is right about being under 30, as he won't date anyone over 30.

At Tammi's home, Rusty asks why she is moving to Elberton, which is exactly what she is doing as there is nothing for her in the town, while Randy plays a video game. Rusty asks what about Randy, while referring him to "Macho Man" and his education, Tammi then states that Elberton has better schools because as she shows Randy's homework to Rusty, which is a handprint turkey drawing, which he thought it was fine to him, as Randy still making hand turkeys in Math. When Rusty asks what about him, which he corrects with "us" instead, Tammi then states to Rusty why don't he just move down there with her and Randy, Rusty then meant that he could but can't because Granny needs him, Tammi then asks why he needs his grandma's permission to live his own life, as Tammi states "Let me guess what the purple old raisin's gonna say."

The scene switches to Granny describing that Elberton is just people with different colors of skin making fun of you in languages that Rusty won't even understand, and states to him that she knows that he got's his own life to live", and he should have to "live it here" to take care of her like what she had to with her kinfolk until she was too old to escape. Granny then states that there's only two ways out of the house, which are in-handcuffs or in a coffin, but then dies from a heart attack when saying the coffin part, with her glasses falling off her face, while Rusty asks her if she is okay or not. Early then comes over and assumes that Granny is "playing possum", though usually she would say some version of "ow" instead when she does that, but Granny's dead body falls over her walker, freaking out both Early and Rusty, with the former using a "Oh, no!" and to call 911, while the latter touches Granny's corpse. Early and Rusty then both exit out of the Cuyler House to call for 911.

Then in the next scene, a car from Bubba's Discount Burials drives away from the house, as Early is sobbing because of his mother's death, while Rusty is looking down on the pair of glasses that Granny used to wear, as he "can't believe" that she is gone, Early then mentions that he can only wish he could go back in time and have her move her own "sh*t" out so he didn't have to do that now as he puts her walker in a box. Early then asks himself "Oh, is that the will?", as Sharif is holding a letter that says "Will you please destroy my porno stash so my family don't find out.," but he doesn't think that she meant for him to read that out loud as he closes a case that has a stash of pornography inside and pushes it under the bed. When Rusty finds Ruby Jean's wedding ring from a small box next to a picture of her and Ga Ga being married together, Early states now that his mother is gone he thinks that the ring looks pretty snazzy on his finger, and asks himself "Don't you think?". Sharif then asks Early that "maybe that oughta be buried with Granny", which Rusty agrees with as he thought it was a little feminine, while Sharif whispers that the ring is a woman's ring. Early then yells at them as he couldn't believe they suggested that he would wear a ladies ring to elevate his status, while then stating that Granny should be buried in her wolfman mask, and all her other earthly treasures as he puts the wedding ring and wolfman mask into the box, as he wants it out of there by noon today, as he tells Sharif and Rusty to "box all this sh*t up."

At Bubba's Discount Burials, Rusty, Tammi, and Randy look at the coffin of Ruby Jean, who's wearing the wolfman mask on her face but Rusty claimed that she was "no damn wolfman" and Tammi claimed "Not a very convincing one" either. As Granny was gone, Tammi tells Rusty to move to Elberton with her and Randy, Sharif then heads over to them as he heard that they're moving to Elberton, but Sharif states that Elberton would eat her alive, which Tammi glares at him for, but Sharif then explains that they've got a granite museum up there that it's just nothing but a tourist trap. When Denny asks why Tammi would run off and move to Elberton, Tammi asks him to please not broadcast that but Sharif claims that he would podcast it instead, as he and Denny are starting to do a podcast, just like in the "big city" of Elberton, as he crosses his two of each fingers, and they're calling it "Tater Talk", but Denny claimed that the name to be decided, but Sharif already printed the koozies as they'll think we're talking about potatoes and claimed "It's got alliteration, It's folksy", as he claims "What's not to like?", Tammi states she sure be able to download their podcast from Elberton, but as Sharif hates to mansplain to her, but claims that's not how podcasts work, Denny then asks them if they're be interested in being interviewed for a podcast, but Sharif was gonna ask that instead, as it should come from him, as he is the main host.

At Granny's funeral, many people such as Early, Rusty, Sharif, Denny, Tammi, Randy, Glenn, Bobby, Boyd' s Wife, and past family members such as Lil, Krystal, Dr. Bug, Durwood, and two Sailors attend it. Meanwhile, Granny comes out of her body as a ghost and ascends to the skies as "she's coming" for the Lord, until she encounters the ghost of the late-Ga Ga Pee Pap stating "About damn time!", as he asks why she didn't die when she was young and pretty, while she takes off the wolfman mask, which floats away up in the air, however, Ga Ga told her to put the mask back on but Granny asks about Jesus' whereabouts, Ga Ga then explains that he settled her once and he can settle for her again and tells her to fry him up some eggs with a frying pan, which Granny holds and tries to hit Ga Ga with as she'll die 1,000 times before she'll fry any eggs for his ass, leaving Ga Ga chuckling, telling her easy.

Kyle Nubbins arrives at the funeral as he asks that they're not doing the closed casket for the coffin, which is a okay. Nubbins then asked what he can say about Ruby Jean Cuyler that won't offered anybody, Early told him to a note that he gives to Nubbins and which he spent all night on it, which the latter signs on but reads as Early gets out a microphone, presses the buttons of a fog machine and radio, which the former sprays fog and the latter plays music on, while Early takes off his suit and muscles up on Granny's coffin.

Early heads back to Nubbins as the latter introduces him but the former tells him to do the Ric Flare but the latter said that he didn't think so as he walks away, while Early talks on the microphone to ask how everyone was doing out there, and he hopes all of them can respect his privacy by giving up for him during this painful time, and anybody to come on and "lets" hear it all the way from the back, but most of the audience looks up to the sky to see a frying pan, from Granny, whooshing into the air, Early then stated to the folks that the show's down here, and explains that people have asked him "Diamond child, why would you bury you momma in a ring that looks so good on your own finger" as he grabs her wedding ring from her and takes a selfie of himself with the ring. Glenn then asks him if that ring is a woman's ring "isn't it?", and Early states that's what he told them that "It's a women's ring, and it belongs on a woman," as he says "Goodbye" to his mother, and she'll always be the wolfman to him as he sobs and closes the coffin.

When Granny's coffins is being buried into the grave, Early howls like the wolfman and cries as people such as Glenn, Sharif, and Denny leave the funeral as Rusty wondered where they're going and asked about the rush because Tammi reveals that she and Randy are gonna pack and asks Rusty if he is coming with them or not, Rusty said he would but his daddy just lost his momma and he needs him right now, leading to Tammi asking about how much time does he need, as when Early is on the coffin he states that he is an orphan, while he cries, which Rusty didn't know but just until he gets old and passes on. Tammi then replies that these ain't obstacles to moving, as they're excuses, telling him to go comfort his daddy for the rest of his life, as she'll text him their new address. Tammi leaves with Randy, as Rusty told her not to be that way and calls for them both. Rusty then hears Early echoing in the coffin, which he knows and that he's here, as he's gonna be alright, Early is seen in the grave where knows it is as he is the one on top of this Ponzi scheme, which questions Rusty.

Early reveals the Cuyler family tree where he stated that it's more of a marketing pyramid as Granny waited for her dad to die, Early waited for his dad to die, and now he gets to wait on him, hand and foot, but questions about his young, and told him that he better get an intern in this program, as Rusty grabs the photo of Randy, who is moving to Elberton with his mother, but Early states that there's only two ways out of the house, which are in-handcuffs or in a coffin, similar to Granny earlier, as he tells him to grab a shovel and has himself a business proposition, who has a shovel and is ready.

The following night, at the graveyard, Early is seen digging through Granny's grave with the said shovel, but Rusty asked Early if they "ain't" gonna dig up Granny's body, which would be "Not all of it", as said by Early, as the latter confirms just the part wearing the costly unisexual ring for men and for women, as Early knew "she ain't gonna need it where she's going", but Rusty stated that he told Sheriff before Early yells at him with "Don't you "You-said I said what-did-I-say" me." Early then finds the buried coffin of his mother, which he opens seeing Granny's body and her growing wedding ring, which he removes off her arm and calls it "My precocious", before being interrupted by Rusty, who tells him that the ring stays with Granny. Early comes out of the grave where he states that he is head of the cult now, and that he calls all of the shots, Rusty then replies that he didn't in Dougal County to be part of no family pyramid-scheme guilt cult.

Early then stated that there was only one way to settle this, with their shades up with Rusty angrily saying "Daddy, don't make me hurt you", Early then states that he didn't want to do this as the ring was his but is then hit and knocked out by the ghost of Granny with a clang of the frying pan she had, who tells Early that the ring was her's while Rusty asks if the ghost is really his grandma as he can see, but she didn't make it to the Jesus meet-and-greet because of pearly gates, eternal salvation, and claimed that it's all just a "damn bait-and-switch", and explains that why he needs to get yours while he is still alive. Early then groans, while Rusty asks her if he minds if he borrows her ring from Early, which he does, but Granny tells Rusty that she never did like Tammi but stops as she explains that there was no second part of that sentence as he didn't even like women, which she isn't a fan of, Rusty then thanks her and steals Early's keys as he'll take that as her blessing as he is going to be taking Early's prized truck to drive with, which Granny asks about, and mentions that he got's some real balls now. When Rusty drives away from the graveyard with Early's said truck Granny mentions that she might be seeing him sooner than she thought.

Rusty then shows Tammi the wedding ring as he proposes to her as he wants to marry her and move to Elberton with her and his son, which he refers to as "y'all", Tammi told Rusty to don't play with her unless that he is serious, Rusty opens the door shows Tammi that he has Early's prized truck, outside of her home, as she replies "Holy sh*t, you are serious", and states that Early is gonna raise some hell when he figures out one of his trucks is missing, while Rusty mentions that he stole it from him, and then says "We need to get."

The next scene, Early is putting up obstacles on the streets and moves one of them, while Sharif asks Early if he tried calling Rusty or not, while he assumes that he just borrowed the truck for a little bit, as Early mentioned that he stolen Granny's ring too, then telling him to put out an APB on a man wearing a woman's ring, thinking that he can pull that off, as he gets spikes while stating "The audacity!", before Early, Sharif, and Denny discover the lights of Rusty driving his prized truck approaching them, with Randy and Tammi inside. When Rusty sees his father again, he states a "Oh, here we go", as Early tells Rusty to pull the truck over, off to the side, while he has his 12 gauge shotgun out, and states that the jig is over. Tammi tells Rusty that his father "ain't gonna" let them cross the county line but stated "It ain't" his decision and tells Tammi to fasten her seat belt, which the latter states with a "Well, damn, It's about time" as she buckles her and Randy in a seat belt.

Rusty glares at Early, who glares at back, who thinks that the former "ain't" gonna do it, Rusty then presses one of the truck's pedals, and then Denny states that he is gonna do it, while Sharif says that he is definitely doing it and tells Early to get out of the way as the two officers run away as Rusty drives the truck, which crashes into the obstacles that Early put on the streets and the latter himself, who crashes into the glass of the truck's window, leaving Tammi screaming while Rusty apologizes as he tells him that he wants Randy to have all the things he didn't have, but Early replies with "And I want younotto have the things I didn't have", as that was a sacrifice that they all have to make, as Early gets his 12 gauge shotgun out and aims at his son but then stopped as Rusty presses one of the pedals again while Early's tentacle is stuck to the damaged glass of the window and hangs from it, while he screams, the truck then stops as Early falls off it, leading to Rusty to apologize again to him, stating that he'll maybe see him at Thanksgiving or something but Tammi mentions a "Don't count on it!", as they drive away and leave Dougal County with Early's prized truck, with boxes in the backseat, with Rusty saying a "goodbye" to, as they drive off.

Off in the distance, Sharif and Denny are seen in their police car, with the car's siren wailing, which also stops, with the latter asking the former if they should do something or not, the former states that they're doing something, which is letting Rusty and his family have a life. Early then wakes up and states that they're were getting away and asks to call in a air strike from the Jewish space lasers before being hit by the ghost of Granny again with the same old frying pan, who states that he usually says some version of "ow" when he does that, similar to earlier, Ga Ga floats from the skies and heads toward her to tell Ruby to let him knock the stuffing out of him one time, which she agrees with but she told him "Don't hit him too hard" as she didn't want him up here with them, Ga GA then clangs the injured Early with the frying pan while he says that she said "us", and told her to let him and her wail on him together as they both clang him with the frying pan together, while Granny states that ghosts can't get pregnant, and Ga Ga responds with "But who says we shouldn't try?", and both laugh, Sharif then organizes the police car's mirror and tells Ruby Jean to rest in peace and calls her "sweetie", as Sharif and Denny drive away from Early's injured body.

The show's Narrator then explains that Rusty moved with Tammi and Macho Man to Elberton, thus hopefully breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse. Years later, Rusty is shown to have a social media post on the website Facelook where a picture of an older Rusty, Tammi, and a teenaged Randy with six other children, that are squid and half-human hybrids, that Rusty and Tammi have conceived, while Early would swear to exact his revenge, but like many things in Early's life, he never followed though, deeming Elberton too close to the edge of the flat earth and not worth scaling an ice wall to tangle with dragons, as explained by the Narrator, while Early types the word "Unlike" with capital letters and a bunch of "!!!!" marks on a comment on Rusty's post while drinking a bottle of party liquor then posting it as he pushes the laptop away and passes out.

The final part of the episode shows the night of the North Georgia mountains where the Narrator then stated that this show was called "Squidbillies", as the logo appears onscreen, and the credits start, a crow can be seen flying in the night sky as the credits continue, as the screen lastly shows the night sky and the moon, thus ending the series.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Booty Hunter"



  • This episode is the final episode of the series, and the final episode to premiere on Adult Swim.
  • This is the very first episode since "Asbestos I Can", to feature "Warrior Man" performed by Billy Joe Shaver to play the theme in the episode's Opening.
    • Ironically, the series' pilot episode "This Show Is Called Squidbillies", never had any opening theme of any kind.
  • Despite being one of the central characters in the series, Dan Halen doesn't appear in this episode nor mentioned by anyone.
  • Randy's trophy and wooden kart from the episode "Trackwood Race-ist" reappears.
  • Bubba's Discount Burials and the Georgia Graveyard from "Let ’er R.I.P.", is referenced again in this episode.
  • A small fly can be seen in Granny's wedding ring, it's currently unknown if that fly is dead or not.
  • This is the first episode since "Not Without My Cash Cow!" to feature the appearance of Durwood Cuyler and this is the first appearance of Dr. Bug since "Sharif."
  • Among the members that attend Granny's funeral, two older sailors from "Jose, Can You? Si!" can be seen.
  • The music that can be heard on the radio that Early turns on is recycled from the episodes "Condition: Demolition!", and "Events by Russell", respectively.
  • When Nubbins reads Early's note, the words that Early written, which are said on it are; "Now presenting a man you can't scare, the walking nightmare. The women want his body and the men want his hair. Introducing the one and only the never lonely, Early "The Diamond Child" Cuyler."
  • This episode reveals that the Cuyler family has its own family tree, which is called the "Cuyler Clan."
  • This is the first episode since "Tween Steam", to feature the voice of the show's Narrator again, excluding the opening of the episode "Rusty and Tammi Sitting in a Tree, B-A-S-T-A-R-D."
  • By the end of the episode, the fates of the characters have been revealed;
    • Rusty has left his father, Early, behind after betraying him, takes his prized truck, has left Dougal County behind to Elberton, he is now happily married to Tammi and has many other children with her, and Rusty promises to treat his son much better than his own father did him.
    • Lil is now sober with a happy boyfriend named Emmet, as revealed in "Ol' Hootie."
    • Since Granny has died and a funeral was held for her, she has been reunited with Ga Ga Pee Pap when she was a ghost.
    • Early is left behind alone in his own home and has become depressed and despite vowing revenge on Rusty, he never followed through with his plan.
  • On Rusty's social media post, the words "Just closed on the new house!!" appear on it, the date of the post is February 25th, at 7:26 PM.
    • The post has over 10 comments, with Early typing his comment on the laptop he used.
  • Early's "Booty Hunter" trucker hat is the final trucker hat to appear in the series.
  • Similar to the first episode of the series, a crow can be seen flying across the mountains, making that crow the first and last creature appearing in the series.

References & Allusions[]

  • Randy can be seen playing a video game on a game handheld that looks identical to a Nintendo Game Boy.
  • Granny's Wolfman mask from "Dove In An Iron Cage", which was known as President Wolfman, reappears in this episode, which is a reference to the Wolfman, a 1941 movie. Early also howls like the wolfman at Granny's funeral.
  • Early mentions the name of Ric Flare to Nubbins, who is an American professional wrestling manager and retired professional wrestler.
  • When Early has the wedding ring from Granny, he then says "My precocious" instead of saying "My precious!", which is a reference to the 2002 film "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers", his face also bares resemblance to Gollum in the same scene.
  • Facelook, which is the website where Rusty's social media profile is seen on, is a obvious parody of Facebook.