Thunder-clap was a washed up wrestler who was notable for his trademark "Thighs of Thunder" move and his numerous losses to opponents physically weaker than him


After losing his family and belongings. The amount of failures in his life took a toll on him, causing Thunder-clap to go in seclusion in a vow of non violence. However he would eventually go back to his competing ways when Early Cuyler moronically challenged him to a fight.Early, being much smaller than Thunder-clap, got his son Rusty Cuyler to fight him. Early give Rusty steroids in order to increase muscle mass making him stronger than Thunder-clap, so when the fight actually began, Rusty defeated Thunder-clap easily and Sheriff (who was refereeing, which consequently got him mangled). Thunder-clap would eventually try to regain his honor by challenging Rusty again. However Rusty was able to defeat him with ease once more.


  • Thunder-clap is a spoof of wrestler Hulk Hogan.
  • Thunder-clap is voiced by Former WWE & TNA professional wrestler, current WWE Raw Brand GM Mick Foley.