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Ting Tong is a background character in Squidbillies.


Ting Tong appears as a semi-recurring background character in the series who is never seen speaking, and limited to background appearances. Ting Tong originally debuted in "School Days, Fool Days". He was seen watching Rusty's cock fight with a rooster, which was hosted by Dan Halen, but leaves when Sheriff interrupts the cock fight. He appears later in the episode, attending a prom made by the family, due to Early's attempts at home-schooling Rusty. Early called him "Ting Tong", though its unknown if this is his real name or not. Ting Tong is claimed to be a damn foreigner that would come here to take up all of the jobs, and he can't shoot them because he's the one at fault. Early had no offense to him, and he raises his hand at him, but makes a another upset face. He stays for the party. Its unknown if he is foreign, or has any relation to the Mexicans, or not.