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Tuscaloosa Dumpling is the Twelfth episode from the third season of Squidbillies. It first aired on April 13, 2008, on [Adult Swim].


Rusty is put through a number of trials to prove his maturity.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Been There Done That Got This Hat!"



  • Rusty has a small piece of hair grow on his head and Granny pulls it off his own skin.
  • Early mentions a stripper named "Trixie", to flip him over and give him his very first Tuscaloosa dumpling at The Jiggle Hut.
  • Early mentions Rusty is gonna get a dumpling, like he got a birthright to it and then he mentions "Look at me, Granny, I'm gonna have me a job and respect from my peers just 'cause I say no."
  • Granny admits that Rusty/Russell is stupid and sweet.
  • Rusty mentions that he doesn't understand a single word that Early says, but the latter doesn't prefer that he does with all of his musings and ramblings.
  • All of the trials to prove to Rusty that he is man, his maturity and to get his tattoo finished, which are; wrestling a grizzly bear while wearing a salmon for a hat for inquisitions, though says "inquisitations", because he couldn't think of a word what means to "rassle a bear" which Granny corrects with "wrestle" and Rusty fights the bear to go to Gatlinburg, felling off Dan Halen Sheet Rock International, busting a nut, which him busting walnuts into Granny's mouth and Early eats a few of the nut's meats as a snack, which aren't made out of meat and one of Granny's teeth falls out, communing to the spirits about his manhood in a uni-sex bathroom, which Early claims to be an ancient Cherokee sweet lodge, driving Early home, and pressing the doorbell to open the door for Glenn's Wife since Early has been stalking her lately.
    • Early refers the forest to the "woods."
  • A single Grizzly Bear from "Survival of the Dumbest and "The Appalachian Mud Squid: Darwin's Dilemma", returns again, where Rusty tried to wrestle with it but got eaten by the bear, though the bear is killed as Rusty escapes via knife out of the body.
    • The bear's name is revealed to be "Dennis."
  • When Early puts a salmon on Rusty's head, the dead salmon drips green liquid.
  • Early has a backscratcher, which is a bear arm that he got in Gatlinburg, right after he seen the three-headed baby at Ripley's, with the crooked room with the marble what rolls upwards.
  • Granny has a round 1 sign and wears a bikini when Rusty tries to wrestle the grizzly bear, Granny claims that she is doing nothing else after this.
  • Granny washes the bear's fur with a sponge and fills the bear's mouth with some water, which Rusty is digested in the body and wins the only round.
  • Rusty has his own dippy dan ha gel from China, which is 80% lead and explains why Rusty gets his sculped look in his own hair.
  • Despite the top of Dan Halen Sheet Rock International is seen at one point, Dan Halen doesn't appear in the episode at all.
  • Granny can play a sitar.
  • The objects that fall from Dan Halen Sheet Rock International are; the feather of a cock, a shiny ingot of gold, in which Early asks Rusty about which one will fall faster, which the former fells down faster and is heard falling down to the glass shield of someone's car and a alarm is heard, while the latter fells down slowly.
    • His ingot is a nugget from Gatlinburg.
  • Early wears a pink T-shirt reading "Early, PC Beach '89." The T-shirt has an image of Early Cuyler, with bigger head than his body, which he thinks was always funny, on a four-wheel ATV. The t-shirt fells down Dan Halen Sheet Rock International, seeing if it can fall faster and he also throws down his trucker hat and Granny falls down.
    • Early has some similar shirts and trucker hats saying "PC Beach" that appears in the episode "Holodeck Redneck".
    • Rusty was almost throwed off the building.
  • Early mentions about the ancient Cherokee sweet lodge, in the uni-sex restroom from the Sip 'N' Strut, which resembles the Gas Station's restroom, which is called a bathroom, which is most likely the Gas Station, being where they are about to commune with the spirits about Rusty's manhood. He says to the great spirits to rain his wisdom from the sky, though Early does figure out that it is a restroom, since he is drunker as hell.
  • The "ohhh lala" from "Burned and Reburned Again" appears again.
  • Some of the words written in the unisex restroom stall, next to drawings, say; "eat more possum", "my gravity!", "watch this hole", and "potty mo.
  • When Early is driving drunk and passes three cars, then the Sheriff's police car crashes into the wheels of his truck and he crashes out of it.
  • Rusty has no license and registration and is underage to truck. Early is revealed to be suspended from driving, while he states that he would suspend his own tax dollars from paying his "piss-poor salary."
  • Early claims that changin' lines is illegal now and mentions that he made a hand signal and has another one for Sharif.
  • Sheriff reveals that a camera was added on his car " 'cause I ain't hit my quotas."
  • Early strays liquid from a can of diet-beer onto the Sheriff, which he claims to be his I.D. He returns normal later on.
  • According to Sheriff, the diet-beer can that Early handed him has 70 calories per serving. Early claims that this is gonna drive their insurance premiums right through the damn roof, though Rusty has no insurance.
  • When Sheriff heads over to his police car, a female voice can heard on his police radio and later on he claims that everything seems to check out with the two and tells them to remember to fasten their own seat belts and reminds Early to stay at least 150 feet away from Glenn's Wife, due to his stalking obsession with her.
  • This is the very first episode of the series to feature Glenn's House.
  • During the scenes of the doorbell being rung by Early and Rusty, some music can be heard briefly.
  • Early shoves flowers from the house's garden in the mail slot of Glenn's own house and in the morning, Rusty shoves a dead squirrel in the said mail slot.
  • Early claims that Donna is naked via seeing her legs in the mail slot.
  • Glenn mentions that Early is a squid from work, who is technically his co-worker of Dan Halen Sheet Rock International and asks his wife if she loves him or not, despite Early stalking her and always asking about her.
  • This episode reveals that Early stuffed a mailbox, which belonged to Glenn and his wife, full of dead squirrels.
  • Glenn mentions that Early is always looking at a picture of his wife on his own desk, asking him what color panties she wears and what you smell like and to describe that, which he should've known.
  • Glenn's Wife thinks Early was fired, despite being the C.E.O. of Dan Halen Sheet Rock International and working for Dan Halen. Though, he mentions that in order to get fired, he has got be written up three times, which is a reprimand and two others, then he gotta meet with the H.R. and attend a sensitivity seminar, which is voluntary. Early then replies with a "Ball's in the court."
  • The doorbell's ringing weakens and buzzes electricity, which stops working, as Rusty claims that its dead but Early tells him to make a sound with his mouth, which is a few repeats of the word "dingdong!"
  • When the dead squirrel in the house, it is seen next to Glenn and his wife, which are wearing their night outfits, which are pink, and Glenn is holding a skull mug of coffee.
  • After Rusty completes his task, Early gives him a military themed headband for him to wear and he earns the rank of a man.
  • Its implied that Glenn's Wife loves being stalked, as she whispers "Call me" in the window after Early and Rusty leave and walk away from Glenn's house and out of the earshot of Glenn and Early.
  • The Jiggle Hut is revisited again in this episode, as Early and Rusty go their, with the latter ready to go see his very first Tuscaloosa dumpling.
  • Dollar bills appear in The Jiggle Hut.
  • This episode is the last notable appearance of the stripper, though she reappears in a flashback in "Trackwood Race-ist."
  • When Early and the stripper walk away at the end of the episode, he calls her "Thunder buns" and claims that the "dumpling" is his.

References & Allusions[]

  • The episode's title is a reference to a Tuscaloosa dumpling, which is a sexual position preformed on a man by a woman. Usually used as a "rite-of-passage" to celebrate one's manhood.
    • Granny mentions that it is revolting, yet arousing act of sexual perversion/rite of passage.
    • Granny: "No one knows for sure"
    • Early: "Except Lil, cuz she invented it."
    • The same word is also a twist on the classic Cherokee chin strap, followed by a Montgomery monkey tail, topped off with a gravy chaser, which is explained by Lil.
    • Early mentions that he thought it was when a man gives the woman a little Memphis mouthwash and simultaneously, she administers the Birmingham blister right on the bridge of his nose.
    • The latter word has no relation to the food, despite Rusty mentioning that he loves dumpling.
  • Birmingham Biloxi is also mentioned, which is compared to the Birmingham blister, which Early confirms that it is the same thing, though Granny doesn't think it is the same thing, since she is from the old school. Early claims she doesn't know. Lil even knows that it is the same thing.
    • Granny mentions if he doesn't see a little cartilage, you ain't in Bilox.
    • Granny mentions that she is sorry, as Birmingham "ain't no fun for nobody."
  • Rusty is revealed to have a Brooks & Dunn tattoo on one of his tentacles, but without the latter being finished.
  • Early mentioned that when to a Ripley restaurant to see three-headed baby and got a bear arm backscratcher. He has a small picture and invitation of the restaurant.
  • After Early negotiates to a stripper on a pole, he tells Rusty to go on to the kitchen and ask for Juan Pablo and you gonna wash up all of his buffet dishes to claim that he is a big man, Juan Pablo is a reference to his buffets.