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Tween Steam is the third episode from the third season of Squidbillies. It first aired on February 3, 2008 on [Adult Swim].


Dan Halen hires Rusty to attract pedophiles for a sting operation/reality TV show, making him a celebrity—until he begins puberty.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Bodywork by Wanda"



  • This episode has numerous themes about Pedophiles and the mention of "Sexxybait13." The latter is the reveal of Rusty.
  • Georgia is claimed to have "the deepest backwards butt crack of Georgia."
  • MonsterHang was called a "horny wolf" at the beginning of the episode, and his house was called a "hen house", apparently.
  • Bubblegum wine coolers and a plate of animal crackers appear in the sting operation/reality TV show.
  • Dan Halen's logo appears on a camera that a cameraman has.
    • The right side of a microphone holder's headphones has "L07H" on it.
    • The cameraman and microphone holder have no facial features.
  • Dan Halen is seen wearing underpants and glasses, while reading some on paper.
  • Emoji's are used on Sexxybait13's online chat on the internet, they are a female smiley face with lips and a male emoji wearing black glasses and has hair.
    • The female smiley face is used for "I wet myself :(" in blue text and the male one was used for "Kewl! Ur parents away?" in red text on the internet.
    • MonsterHang claimed that she said she was 60, but according to Dan Halen, he responded by emailing her showing an animated gif of himself with his "engorged, tumescent."
  • Sheriff is seen disguised as a large tree, who stops MonsterHang.
  • The offensive word "s*ut" appears on a female pull-string toy doll, that keeps repeating words in a high-pitched voice "I wet myself", and "I'm a big girl now."
    • The same doll's head burns off and melts.
      • Dan Halen: "No! My plastic-molded temptress!"
  • The word "sh*t" is censored on "check this wild sh*t out 4" on Boyd's store and a television program.
  • The Postman seen in the television program is delivering mail to a mailbox but it turns out, its actually a couple of bills not mail, dramatic music then plays as he walks away, and soon, the shot then zooms to the mailbox, and the screen turns gray, and moves.
  • Granny is seen dressing up as a boy with clothes and a hat for Dan Halen's program, while Dan Halen and his cameraman and microphone holder appear alongside a door object. Two notable lines that Granny says are;
    • Granny: "Let's put cough drops in our butt holes and play viddy games."
    • Granny: "Snakes and snails and puppy-dog tails and moles.", "I got a lot of moles".
    • Dan Halen: "This bait reeks of mentholyptus", he said this when MonsterHang leaves.
    • Granny: "Its the unguents for my gout."
    • Dan Halen: "We need somebody with wiles."
    • Granny: "I got a wily case of the gout."
    • Dan Halen: "Its not the same! We need someone with the boyish charm and cunning.", before being interrupted by Granny.
    • At the end of the episode, Granny broke her hip.
  • According to MonsterHang, he is going to call his wife and kids, but its unknown if he has a wife and kids or not.
  • Free banana splits and pool party appear as pictures in the work office in Dan Halen Sheet Rock International for "Bring your "hot" son to work day."
    • Rusty has a banana spilt.
  • Oddly enough, Glenn mentions why he didn't bring his son to work day because he had to keep his son named "Kyle" at an undisclosed location "till this is over", its unknown if one of his children is named "Kyle."
  • A number eight made up in post-it notes with the same letter from Dale Jr. (written in red) appears on the wall along with more notes and a pencils, its unknown who Dale Jr. is.
  • Rusty has whiteheads twinkling like stars against the darkened sky of clogged pores, butt-cut hairdo, featured as;
    • When Dan Halen is admiring Rusty and his hairstyle, he mentions "the spread wings of Gabriel himself."
  • Peter Arrowhead "Kiss Ass" appears on Rusty's chained necklace.
  • The lifestyles of Ancient Greeks are mentioned.
  • When recording Dan Halen's program, MonsterHang wanted nachos.
  • Rusty has his own choo-choo set.
  • MonsterHang is not seen in the episode again, after Dan Halen scares him off, and he runs away from the house. He is replaced by a group of deviant pedophiles, though some of them resemble him.
  • When attracting pedophiles in Dougal County, Sheriff is shown replacing "Dougal County" with "Rusty" as numerous pedophiles enter the economy of Dougal County.
  • A bus window has the words "we" with a heart that replaces the word "love" and then a "you" is seen on the window.
  • The pedophiles are often seen holding flowers and balloons.
  • The Bear and Lion fighting in the colosseum banner from "Swayze Crazy", makes a appearance in this episode.
  • One of the pedophiles is seen wearing a shirt that has a 69 on it.
  • Dan Halen is shown blowing pedophiles away with a large fan, and trapping them inside a large trap.
  • An Internet Predator cafe is seen opening up for the pedophiles, with Rusty cutting a red line with golden scissors.
  • Boyd's Store is shown to be decorated with numerous of Russell themed objects with Teddy bears, mega cookies, a barrel of "Tykes Hard Lemonade", comics, posters and Rusty themed candies such as lollipops and handcuff candy for example.
  • A recolored Randy is seen running away from Dan Halen's cameraman and microphone holder out of a house.
  • The rims of Sheriff's police car are elephant heads with tusks from Africa, one of the tusks break off the rim later on.
  • Rusty dressed as a kid with glasses was playing a video game on a television, and eating a circus peanut from a plate, but didn't taste the orange coloring, and didn't want to eat them and the peanuts fell off the plate to the ground.
  • A man wearing a chewed up tobacco mascot costume is shown dancing to a radio. Dan Halen claimed he was "a singing plug of snuff."
  • The Pedophiles are shown to not like the attraction of older men since everyone ran away screaming when Russell hit puberty, as he became a man and grew armpit hair, soon he walks away, while Dan Halen is loving and watching him go.
  • Dan Halen gave adult Rusty a paint chip, coffee, to drink and cigarettes to smoke, the cigarettes said "amrlrlbolor" on the box to reattract the screaming pedophiles running away from him.
  • At the end of the episode, the same house used for Dan Halen's program is blow up by an air strike (command by Dan Halen on a phone), as brief silhouettes of jets show up later and a few brief missiles blow up the house. These jets and missiles are briefly seen, so they are hard to see in the episode.

References & Allusions[]

  • Dan Halen's sting operation/reality TV show is a parody of the American television series called "To Catch a Predator."
  • HD-DVD, MiniDisc, Blu-ray, CB Radio, and Satellite are mentioned by Dan Halen, while holding a "Legal" paper to MonsterHang.
  • After watching the television program of a Postman, Early mentions the phrase "jumped the shark", a possible reference to "Jump the Shark", a phrase referring to the decline and quality of a television program's current run.
  • "Bring your "hot" son to work day" is obviously a parody of "Bring your son to work day."
  • Whiteheads are most likely a parody of blackheads.
  • The gray video game controller with a red button that Rusty is playing a video game on a television with resembles a Atari 2600 controller.