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Snakeman is one of my favorite background characters in the show.

I'm Mark ATHF Foster (on community central and DeviantArt, which I named myself due to my love for ATHF), or alternatively Mark Anthony Foster, or Dino Roller.

I still used Mark ATHF Foster as alternate name. I used to be a fan of the shows Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Squidbillies. However, I do watch other Adult themed shows, and media such as Futurama, 12 oz. Mouse, Perfect Hair Forever, and Space Ghost Coast to Coast. I'm a huge video game fan as I more interested into video games from the 2D and 3D genre.

The first episodes of the show I watched were "Condition: Demolition!", and "The Appalachian Mud Squid: Darwin's Dilemma". I originally got into the show from the year 2016. Currently, I have DVD's of both Aqua Teen and this show, despite watching both shows on HBO Max, also apparently I currently watch more episodes of Aqua Teen a lot more on the service than Squidbillies.

I usually research episodes of the show on Wikipedia, Adult Swim.com, and Amazon Prime. When I started editing on this wiki, since November 17, 2019 on Dr. Jerry's page, one of my favorite characters in the show was Billy Morton, this spot has currently been changed to Snakeman.

I'm one of the main contributors on this wiki. As of note, I was originally going to be admin on this wiki in July 2020, but was delayed due to having admin rights on a another wiki, and later became a admin on an another wiki in October 2020. In February 2021, I became the first official admin of this wiki in years by adopting this wiki.

Sorry if I overwrite on many character, location and episode pages, related to the wiki, I only do this because I continue to help this wiki, and keep a lot of the wiki's content organized, so I can say sorry for a lot of the pages grammar, and editing. It's good to improve your mistakes and learn from them.

Mark's Favorite Squidbillies Episodes of Each Season[]

Least Favorite Episodes[]


  • Former Alternative Names: Mega Mark, Mark ATHF & Squidbillies, and Pokémon Trainer Mark (though on Bulbapedia).
  • I actually love the episode "Blue Lives Battered", with best parts of the episode being the Sheriff's Man-Cave, Plumber Bubba's cameo, Early and Sharif's friendship being reunion, and the episode's funny moments such as Glenn unsubscribing from Early's channel to Denny's funny video loop. Yes, while the episode was banned and removed on both HBO Max and Adultswim.com, but it doesn't stop me from loving the episode. It's a very good episode, that shouldn't be taken seriously, that I love watching and enjoying currently on Amazon Prime/Amazon Prime Video.