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Vicki (also known as " The Squidbillies 100th Episode Spectacular!") is the fifth episode from the tenth season of Squidbillies. It first aired on August 7th, 2016 on [adult swim].


Sheriff's old classmate Vicki makes the mistake of returning to town.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "I Don't Netflix & Chill ... I VHS & F**K!!!!"


Theme Song Performer[]


  • This is the 100th episode of Squidbilies, and in the entire series.
  • Early's trucker hat is based off the phrase "Netflix & Chill".
    • In fact, Netflix is real-life streaming service.
  • The word "F**K" is censored on Early's trucker hat.
  • Sheriff's real name "Sharif" is used by Vicki throughout this episode.
  • Dougal County Elementary School from "Taint Misbebavin'" returns. Through its implied that vaping is a problem their as a "Vaped Crusader" is used on a sign on the said elementary school.
  • Bill Clinton is mentioned by Sheriff, when he, and Vicki are in a tank.
  • Vicki's fired chicken post is from the date, day, and year: August 29, 2009.
    • Ironically the year "2009", was the same year the show's fourth season aired.
  • If you see the clothes Early shows to the Sheriff, the clothes are a black shirt of two symbols, and a pink flower on it.
    • A dark blue jacket saying "boss hoss", a small hat saying "swag".
    • A light purple cowboy hat saying "gitty up" instead of the word "gritty".
    • White, and purple jacket saying "ride a cowboy!".
    • The word "macho" spelled backwards is shown on Sheriff's new jeans.
    • Sheriff ends up wearing the purple, and white jacket along with the new jeans in attempt of Early showing footage of her sleeping in her bed, and the Sheriff next to her.
    • This mistake results in a break-up with Vicki as a tape was recorded due to Early, and Denny playing the tapes in front of the eyes of Vicki on a television monitor.
  • During the funeral of the father of Vicki, after Sheriff twerks on the tank, his animations are newly animated.
  • Unfortunately, Vicki is now broken up with Sheriff in this episode, due to Early's antics, and Sheriff's twerking on a tank leading the coffin of her father destroyed by the said tank, now she changed her phone number, email, and address.