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Webnecks is the first episode from the third season of Squidbillies. It first aired on January 20, 2008 on [Adult Swim].


Rusty's knack for computers leads to a robotic revolution in Dougal county.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Booty Hunter"
  • "A Support The Flat Tax Cause I'm Flat Broke!"



  • This is the first episode in the series to have a high-definition widescreen format.
  • Early, Rusty, Granny, Lil and later on Sheriff's eyes on be seen in the dark.
  • The cricket from "A Sober Sunday" makes a small appearance climbing on a wall. Though its very hard to see the insect on the wall.
    • Rusty also claimed a "plump little cockroach" was running, and claims the cockroach as "his fat, little, tender, meaty belly across concrete", and later on, he then claims "that he'll crawl his sweet, little ass uin tre", now he is obviously referring the cricket as a cockroach.
      • Granny also tells him to dip cockroach in hot sauce, "smother the head and legs", which he would obviously "got a nice little snac there."
      • Ironically, the family was living down there with no hot sauce, but Early does fry up something, which is Uncle Shannon, which he claimed was meat.
  • The outhouse is revealed to have a basement/cave underneath it via entrance of the potty, which Early, Rusty, Granny and later Sheriff hide in to survive the Y2K. (Minus Sheriff.)
  • Sheriff has machine parts inside him, a 2003 alarm is seen, this Sheriff is most likely a clone or not.
  • Granny is seen holding a stick with a small American flag attached to it.
  • This episode marks the only appearance of Shannon Cuyler in the show, his existence is currently unknown, and it remains unexplained.
  • A Super Computer made a very early cameo in "Giant Foam Dickhat Trouble", before this episode.
  • The calendar on all the Super Computers has a woman in a green bikini holding a gun, and the month is Funuary, a play on the month February, with the numbers '82 next to the fake month.
  • The name of the computer's manufacturer "Hinson" is listed on the Super Computer, this a reference to Early's original voice actor Unknown Hinson.
  • The fine-ass belt holster next to a tree stump has a "S" on it, which Early takes instead of the super computer.
  • Sheriff has his own private collection of erotica on a super computer, as suggested by the computer's buttons.
  • According to Early, numbers were created by the prehistoric Hispanics so they could thieve all the jobs from the romans, including dinosaurs.
  • Apparently Dan Halen has a machine that can smash things with a yellow sigh saying "No Mash Peligro" with a hand on it, this machine is later seen in "Condition: Demolition!".
  • Dan Halen has a giant mecha version of himself in the coal-dust brasserie, the machine also breathes out fire.
    • Granny is shown coughing off coal, and spitting out a piece of coal.
  • A giant flood started when Early and Rusty are on a boat with a Super Computer when the Dougal Country dam was destroyed after the two used the computers to blow up the dam, a few deer and a dairy cow float in the water, Early also fires a bullet into a corpse of a dead white-tailed deer floating on the water.
    • Some of the objects floating in the water are trees, Sheriff's police car, the Cuyler House, a plane and a blue outhouse.
    • The computer's radar was probably the cause the dam blowing up.
  • Rusty puts a object on a tire of a chassis (which Early claimed to be his four-wheeler) to hook it to the computer.
    • The four-wheeler also has two Confederate flags on it, these flags later show up in the stadium.
  • The super computers were self-aware, and have a laser which zaps Early's axe and changes the "K" on the sign "County Kitchen" to a "C", but does the same from the words "Kitchen."
  • Sheriff's foot was missing, as his foot was baked fried from Early in the outhouse's underground cave.
  • The Super Computers started to improved the quality of life in Dougal County for a short period of time, making life easier for people in the town such as planting and watering a tree in the ground, one works as a doctor in the Dougal County Hospital attaching Sheriff's baked fried foot to his leg, and updating Sheriff's criminal database.
    • The computers are also helpful for Dan Halen receiving a shiny diamond from them zapping coal.
  • This is the second appearance of Billy Morton in the show, since the pilot episode "This Show Is Called Squidbillies", however, he was mentioned by Santa Claus in the previous episode "Rebel with a Claus."
  • Granny is revealed to be a public urinator, then she runs from three flying computers which traps her in a square-shaped box, which they went to send to the provision code.
  • When Dan Halen tells a computer to show him awesome bitches from accounting for his pan-sexual adventure through him, the computer has a pen and notepad, and Dan Halen's teeth are full of diamonds, and he is wearing a black bandanna on his head.
    • The computers' screen also says the words "Task receive: bitches/accounting."
  • The super computers are also used as weapons since Early injures Glenn with his computer.
  • A machine at The Jiggle Hut that is seen stripping is a springy machine resembling a stripper's ass.
  • Sheriff, Glenn, his wife, and her ex-husband are eating a giant chilidog with ketchup and mustard splattered, as a feast.
  • When the Super Computers are talking other people, and their computers, a bunch of weird people can be seen, these people are recycled from the audience from "Double Truckin' the Tricky Two", the same audience is seen again.
  • Two clones of the pizza delivery man can be seen in the audience.
  • The Super Computers are revealed to be gay, starting their own gay marriage.
  • After lighting a bottle of alcohol with fire from Sheriff's gun, the fire that started to spread, that burned the destroyed the super computers (which were destroyed for robotic gay marriage) happened for three years, filling the air with toxic lead, and life in Dougal County was made simple again.
  • Early does the taxes in his family, while next to a mailbox hitting it with an object, trying to fill out a deduction, as Rusty was pulling him.

References & Allusions[]

  • Y2K refers to the Year 2000 problem, as seen at the beginning of the episode.
  • The popular song "Auld Lang Syne" plays from Sheriff, after the Cuyler family survives the Y2K, as the year 2003 is displayed on Sharif.
  • Granny mentions "don't you ruin my Fantasia" to Lil, but its unknown if she is referring to the Disney movie or not.
  • When Rusty mentions how he has all of his contacts on the computer, the name "Judas Preist" is displayed on the computer.
    • Songs from him are later mentioned by the episode's narrator.