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Wing Nut is the fourth episode from the third season of Squidbillies. It first aired on February 10, 2008 on [Adult Swim].


Dan Halen Industries genetically engineers a chicken entirely made of wings.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Shoot First, Ask Questions Never!"




  • Several chickens are seen in the beginning of the episode, one chicken (called "Dickie" by Early) is too weak to lift weights, didn't wear a belt, and then died when its breasts and organs fell out, an another is a dead hen named "Jessie", and others are malnourished and over-watered from Early's hose. Rusty thought he had to bulk up some chickens, but that would take six to eight weeks to do.
    • Oddly, Dan Halen claims their "weightlifting bird is powerful and strong."
  • This episode reveals that Early has his own mobile home on his own house. Granny controls the mobile's home steering wheel, it has its own fake cannon, and the same mobile home has a large mermaid statue roped onto the sails, a tire is seen, and the confederate flag is part of the mobile home's large flag roped onto the home. The mobile home even has its own pirate flag, and small wooden boat down below. The mobile home is most likely a pirate ship.
    • Granny mentions "oh, we'll be ready when Katina gets up here." She is most likely a referring to a person or Hurricane Katrina, the latter is a hurricane that flooded the New Orleans in the year 2005.
    • Early: "Hoist the jib!, batten the mainsail!."
    • Granny: "Aye-aye!."
    • Early: "You saggy-ass bitch."
    • Granny: "Aye-aye!."
  • A red curtain with the Dan Halen appears as he pulls a rope lifts up than a big mirror with the reflections of Dan Halen, a chicken and Early appear (claimed to be him from the past). Early was then clubbed by Dan Halen using a wooden baseball bat, and his blood was splattered onto the latter.
  • Both the chicken and Early's DNA were used for the mutant chickens, from a machine. Mutant chickens were also made from chicken wings, celery sticks and ranch dipping from their anus.
    • Both were even taped together.
    • The machine displays a blue screen with a chicken on it with a circle of wings.
  • He has his own face mask, that he wears to prevent germs of the mutant chicken from spreading.
  • According to Dan Halen, chickens don't have penises.
  • A restaurant called Aint nothin but a wing is a chicken themed restaurant that only appears in this episode. The restaurant serves the mutant chickens as chicken wings and ice tea (mentioned by Dan Haken), and has karaoke. Two strippers strip there. Sheriff is seen eating chicken wings there, and has a tumor on both of his arms, which both fall off his body. Rusty works there as a employee wearing a hairnet.
    • The restaurant has its own Kids menu with a maze and crayons.
    • A kid seen on the menu, and a tumor named Tommy Tumor appears, according to the menu, you need to find a home for him in the kid's body.
  • A long sting of hair is from a chicken wing. is pulled out by Dan Halen, which made its way into a small bowl of slaw
  • When Granny is seen eating mutant chicken wings, she is sitting in a high chair.
  • The red colored mutant chicken is designed to be blow out draft beer, which tastes like blood.
  • In the wash room, two animal fossils, a head of a deer and a dead purple squid are seen on the ground.
  • First base and a reference to oral sex are mentioned when Granny and Rusty are next to two mutant chickens.
  • The Gas Station reappears in this episode, and the bathroom is seen when Rusty and Granny enter the room. A glory hole with the words "gloryus romance" above it, two arrows and a 2:30 are below the hole.
  • Krystal is shown sleeping in one scene in the junkyard, and Early tries to stab her with his knife but puts his trucker hat on her body, Early is then arrested and put into a jailcell in the next scene.
  • In the background of the jailcell, you can see a small heart.
  • The month Whermber is mentioned by Early when he mentions that he has been voting against teaching sex in school, though it isn't a real month.
  • Rusty puts a roil baton in Sheriff's mouth since he affected by tumors from the mutant chickens. Also Early throws a plate with small broccoli on it which breaks into pieces, with some small pieces of the broken plate and small broccoli visible.
  • In one of Rusty's hallucinations, the nursing home from "This Show Is Called Squidbillies", "School Days, Fool Days" and "Asses to Ashes, Sluts to Dust" makes an actually appearance in the background. The chipmunk also puts leaves on Russell's head.
    • The same hallucination has an animal fossil seen in the background.
    • Sheriff's creepy face which appeared briefly in "A Sober Sunday" flashes onscreen for a few brief seconds in his hallucinations.
    • The living tree's face appears on Granny's body in one of his hallucinations.
  • One of Rusty's hallucinations was his own hair moving and talking by itself, along with a chipmunk, a living tree and oak slugs.
  • When Rusty's hallucinations end, a loud female scream is heard.
  • A swarm of flies are seen in the dumpster right behind Rusty, and before Reverend explodes.
  • When Early blows up his house with gasoline, Granny is seen in the background, she most likely died in the explosion and fire.
    • The explosion also acts as a fake death to Early by exploding from the mutant chickens, when in realty he used gasoline to burn down the house.
  • Mary Kraft is credited for voicing Krystal in the episode despite not speaking any full lines of dialogue in the episode, though she is heard snoring and speaking gibberish in her sleep.

References & Allusions[]

  • When Early and Rusty are teaching a chicken to lift weights a song called "Heart Of Lighting" plays, which spoofs "Thunder in your Heart" by John Farnham.
  • Dan Halen mentions "Time-Travel Matrix" and lifts up a curtain to reveal a mirror to Early from the past, though he is probably referring to the Matrix films.
  • When Reverend plays karaoke at the restaurant, he sings Nazareth's "Hair of the Dog."
  • In the Gas Station bathroom, Granny mentions to Rusty when the lights turn off "and that's how I met your Grampy", this reference is most likely a "How I Met Your Mother" reference.
  • Rusty's Hallucinations make a reference to the phrase the "Birds and the Bees", with two birds and two bees falling in love with each other, and three oak slugs having sex with each other.